Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

February 2020 Challenge

Craft in a Zetti/TM Style

  • craft one item inspired by zetti style.
  • doesn’t have to be 100% zetti, but try to use something zetti in your craft. Can be all paper or mixed media.
  • Share it here on the paper crafting board before march 1, 2020 to enter.
  • one winner will receive a mixed ephemera/paper crafting pack from my collection.

I’ll join in! Lots of paper and mixed projects planned. :smiley:

Interesting, maybe I shouldn’t join more craftalongs, but I don’t think I can stop myself XD

I have been paper crafting’ up a storm. I have too many ideas but I’m happy to tame them in a challenge.

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I’m glad you started this! I’ve been thinking we needed one of these over here!

yay! thanks for starting this.

@LindaP I think you’ll enjoy this craftalong!

Ooh, I’ve got a few paper projects I’ve been planning!

I will be following along here before I jump in. I used to do a lot of paper crafting, but have gotten away from it. I want to get better at collage, and I’m sure I’ll see a lot of inspiring work here!

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Recently I watched Teesha Moore’s video tutorials for how she does her collage and its made my collage work a thousand times better. I highly recommend them.

Maybe a TM inspired paper challenge?

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Link to TMs video playlist. It about an hour long, but there’s lots of good stuff in them.

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Ok, I’ll start. This was a November challenge on Kate Crane’s FB group - however the Carabelle postage stamp set wasn’t available in the USA. I found a similar stamp on Etsy, made by 100 Proof Press. The image is about 1.5” by 1.75”.

So I fill the inside space with mini collages.

I like working in threes, obviously, and I use the stamp frame to isolate the images to fit in the frame. I did the 3 sets of 3, Mona, Ari, and the snail, in about an hour.

Now off to search my stamp collection to make more. I know I have a Gandhi stamp somewhere…


I just watched the whole thing, and I feel a bit better about the process.

@Smmarrt, I really like your postage stamp set. Working in a small space to start might be less intimidating.

Before I scale up, I’ll need to work on my lettering skills. But now, I think I could actually attempt this!

I haven’t done a mixed media piece in a very long time. I might need to join in here

I just finished this about a half hour ago. I should have used smaller butterflies for this frame but I used what I had.


That’s really cute.

ok @Smmarrt now I need one of those stamps!!! How fun :grin: Did you post those as their own project somewhere so I can go give it an extra :heart: ? :slightly_smiling_face:

No - I thought since it is a small project, it didn’t warrant its own post. And I wanted to get the craft-along going. Thanks for the kind words.

I got the stamp on Etsy for $5. or less. If you have the kid craft scissors that cut the “postage stamp” design, you don’t need the stamp. I know there’s a pair at school, I just can’t find it!

I decided to buy some nice paper I can print journal lines on for a journal I am going to hand-bind for one of my son’s 6th grade teachers. I came across Of The Earth on etsy’s seed paper. It is really cool! Read about how you can even plant it after using!

His teacher loves pink and black, so I will use that out of my cardstock stash too.

It looks cool with lines!


Super cool!