Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020

There were so many good swaps to choose from, I wasn’t able to join in the happy mail swap this time.


I wouldn’t mind a long wait! :slight_smile:


Thanks @craftADDchick
I talked @jemimah into joining and now we have several options for her when I partner people up later today!


Thanks @geekgirl and @craftADDchick! I’m super excited to be in the swap! :smiley:

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Well, if @geekgirl can advertise, so will I!

Sign ups close on Sunday - jump in. The swapping is fine!


I was following a video (it’s a paid video so I can’t share the link) but this woman had a great idea if you need a quick stencil just for basic shapes and designs

Take any scrap paper, fold in half. Cut out shapes like you would for a snowflake. Unfold. And that’s it!
So easy.


Good idea! I like combining pre-done stencils with handmade ones…I got that set you recommended and am playing around with those…lots of fun!


Super clever!


Wow! So simple and so effective! Genius!

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I love that idea! The possibilities are endless!

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Now you’re tempting me too!!! :smile_cat:

What a great idea! And, if it gets coated with enough paint, it makes it more durable. Like @AIMR so got a set of the stencils you recommended, but I just haven’t been in the mood to do anything creative at all. I did buy some stencil material and I’m thinking I might attempt to cut some alphabet stencils to use for journal pages. @calluna had mentioned that she got some at the dollar store, but I haven’t stopped in there to look. Hopefully, I can get my Silhouette to cooperate!

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what a freaky diky fun idea! i wanna do it!

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that looks fun using a roll like that. I did something similar with those super long receipts you get from CVS once.

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There is a similar one for stitching as well…a long roll that you wind on a bobbin…looks like painting would be fun and not as time consuming…instant gratification!

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Love this and I have some adding machine rolls around here somewhere…

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That is such a cool idea! I don’t think I have the ability to stick with something like this for 100 days right now, but I’m tucking it away for the future. I think I need to pick up some adding machine tape rolls the next time I’m at the office supply store. I never realized how many ways they could be used to make things!

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Throwing this out there for an alternative to plastic sequins:

And biodegradable glitter!!!


Who wants to do an online/zoom art journal video again?

**Saturday, August 22nd at 2pm Eastern time **

We will be watching and doing this video:
This is the same video as last time. Several people said they’d like to do it again and I also want to try again but maybe using colors to make it look like space.

Never Give Up… Art Journal Page

It’s only 7 1/2 minutes long so please try to watch before hand so you know what to expect.

Supply List:

  • paper
  • gesso
  • paint/brushes
  • stamps/stencils and ink
  • spray bottle
  • pens/markers
  • sentiment

You don’t have to have everything she uses.


  • She makes the circles using solid circle stamps. I don’t have those. What I did on this video before was to take bottle caps and dip the rim lightly in black paint and stamp on the paper to make a circle imprint and then I painted in the circle with a brush and paint. then when dried redid the borders with more paint and markers - so have a variety of different size bottle caps on hand
  • or a suggestion from @calluna - cut out paper circles
  • You can use anything you want for the background: water color paper, drawing paper, cardboard
  • you don’t have to prime the background with gesso if you don’t have any
  • instead of stamps/stencils, try a pencil eraser in paint to make dots. Or bubble wrap, or corrugated cardboard!
  • instead of a printed sentiments, find a quote and practice hand lettering! Or stamped lettering
  • if you don’t have a spray bottle you can just water down the paint and dribble it on your page

Helpful, but not necessary:

  • blowdryer / heat gun
  • paper towels or wet wipes

Reply here if you are interested, and I will send a PM with the Zoom info before hand. To make it fun for everyone, if you attend, you must art! (e.g. not just join to chat). Chatting is allowed, of course, but when someone attends without participating, it tends to be distracting to those trying to make, or those trying to talk about the process.


I would! I got those stencils you linked us to and also want to try different colors and different circles!