Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2021

EDIT: Barbie has been claimed!

I have been holding on to this Barbie paper doll set for a couple years. I’m not a paper crafter and I would love it to go to a good home. Would anyone like to do a private swap for them? I don’t have anything specific in mind. Message me if you are interested.



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I really enjoyed tonight’s zoom. It was a challenge, but this is my page.


Yours really does look like a cosmos, @Edel

@edel - art journaling stuff now goes here!

That’s for that, I’ve reposted there

To @calluna’s point here :arrow_down:, should we ask a mod to merge this thread with the Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020 since that’s where all the posting is going on?

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I posted this in the Art Journal Craft-along also

Just watched the first 2 lessons from Aworkofheart/Andrea Chebeleu* and they are fun. I’m thinking that in the next round of swaps, I’ll propose mixed media prompt cards. She’s choosing 5 and running thru the prompts, then she reshuffles the 5 cards and does the prompts again on the same paper - similar to the master board tutorials that have been shared.

Off to make a small mess before bed.

*This is a free class - 5 videos for 5 days. Here’s the link (can’t remember if I shared this already)

These are the first 2 WIPs. I followed the same prompts as Lesson One. I need to do a second round of the prompts, as Andrea did in her video.


The prompts were

1- Scribble with a ball point pen &/or water soluble crayons

2- Make different marks with the same brush . I used a 1” flat

3- Spread paint with your fingers

4- Add/collage book text

5- Make glaze (add paint to gel medium or glazing liquid) and paint over some areas

Ooops, I added stamping with found objects which was in the 2nd video. Oh well. I like to stamp.

As I said above, I will repeat these steps in a different order and we’ll see what happens!


And I finished a few more paper dolls. Faces are from a Dover images book.


Those prompts look really interesting and I love your folks. I particularly like in your picture the shadow that they cast

That’s just bad photography! :rofl:

Hey all,

Please share your preferences (select up to 3) :

  • Merge this thread with the 2021 Paper and Mixed Media Zoom-along thread
  • Merge this thread with the 2020 Mixed Media Craft along thread we’ve been using through this year
  • Have one single thread going forward, not a new one each year
  • Aim for a new thread every year
  • Change nothing. Leave it all as it is and let me get back to my papery bits

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I don’t have a strong opinion but I’d probably have 2 ongoing threads - one for the art journal zooms and one for general paper and mixed media craft along.


Thanks, I agree!

I just discovered that the paper I was gessoing will have unintended paw prints on it. :sweat_smile:

For you more experienced crafting-with-cats folks, is this something the cat can safely clean up in her own grooming if it bothers her (clearly it doesn’t bother her right now), or should I put on the protective gear and attempt to (gently) scrub it off?

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I would try to get it off using a washcloth soaked in warm water while it’s still fresh.

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I lean toward yearly threads just to keep them from getting unwieldy, but it seems like the prevailing instinct has been to put everything in one thread, and I’m totally fine with that. Because so much of 2021 is in the 2020 thread, I think we should at least combine those two years into one place.

I agree with Jenn about keeping the dedicated art journal Zoom thread.


I like each year in its own thread but agree the covid years can stay together. Cross posting links in the paper craftalong re zoom invites as well as finished work is a nice way to link the two while still keeping them separate.


I agree with these suggestions too. One thread for general mixed media and one for the art journal zooms. I also would like years to have their own thread in general, but combining 2020+2021 does make sense, since they’re already a blur …

@Smmarrt your paper dolls are fantastic - so much character!

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