Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2021

Let’s get our paper craft on!

Paper & Mixed Media Zoomalong 2021 - please keep all info about zooms on this thread!

2020 Craftalong


Hooray! And now that I’ve made a huge dent in organizing my stamps, I can use them on journal pages and ATCs since they’ll be easier to find.

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Very good idea to have two threads

And @craftADDchick last year’s thread has been responsible for a significant increase in my stamps, stencils, ink pads, various mediums etc etc

Same here! In fact, I ordered up a couple of stamp and stencils sets from AliExpress based on your recommendation. And a few other things…

I really need to stop…

We’re a collective of enablers!


It doesn’t take much to convince me… I need to stop watching YouTube!

How does this work?

This is just a good place to share any projects you’ve made with paper or mixed media or discuss projects!

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I just posted this up and thought I’d share here in case anyone is interested!

Handmade Valentine Card Exchange

EDIT: Barbie has been claimed!

I have been holding on to this Barbie paper doll set for a couple years. I’m not a paper crafter and I would love it to go to a good home. Would anyone like to do a private swap for them? I don’t have anything specific in mind. Message me if you are interested.



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I really enjoyed tonight’s zoom. It was a challenge, but this is my page.


Yours really does look like a cosmos, @Edel

@edel - art journaling stuff now goes here!

That’s for that, I’ve reposted there

To @calluna’s point here :arrow_down:, should we ask a mod to merge this thread with the Paper & Mixed Media Craftalong 2020 since that’s where all the posting is going on?

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I posted this in the Art Journal Craft-along also

Just watched the first 2 lessons from Aworkofheart/Andrea Chebeleu* and they are fun. I’m thinking that in the next round of swaps, I’ll propose mixed media prompt cards. She’s choosing 5 and running thru the prompts, then she reshuffles the 5 cards and does the prompts again on the same paper - similar to the master board tutorials that have been shared.

Off to make a small mess before bed.

*This is a free class - 5 videos for 5 days. Here’s the link (can’t remember if I shared this already)

These are the first 2 WIPs. I followed the same prompts as Lesson One. I need to do a second round of the prompts, as Andrea did in her video.


The prompts were

1- Scribble with a ball point pen &/or water soluble crayons

2- Make different marks with the same brush . I used a 1” flat

3- Spread paint with your fingers

4- Add/collage book text

5- Make glaze (add paint to gel medium or glazing liquid) and paint over some areas

Ooops, I added stamping with found objects which was in the 2nd video. Oh well. I like to stamp.

As I said above, I will repeat these steps in a different order and we’ll see what happens!


And I finished a few more paper dolls. Faces are from a Dover images book.