PAPER SWAP Gallery- June 2023

Post your paper swap goodies here.

geekgirl :gift: >><< jemimah :mailbox: 6/01/23
Smmarrt :mailbox: 06/07/23 :gift: >><< endymion :mailbox: 6/07/23 :gift:
Juju >><< irid3sc3nt :mailbox: 06/07/23


Yay! I get to post first. A fun-filled package from @endymion.

Some stationary pages that I will use immediately for book pages and to type on.

Random pieces that will be used in master boards and again as junk journal backgrounds or pages.

Vellum and maps (I love maps!) and a map envelope.


Three different kinds of notebook paper and bingo sheets

Stamped images!

An acetate sheet, homework (from your childhood?) and a vintage book page. Quick story - my Pre-K kids are obsessed with rabbits right now so this is epic.

Some marbled and shaving cream prints?

And finally lots of mulberry papers. I’ve been playing with some scraps I found at the creative reuse store so I’m happy to have some more to experiment with.

Thanks so much, Pam. I will be a busy bee! And I will finish up projects, hopefully!


So glad the package arrived safely!

The wonderful, hand-carved leaf stamps were made by @geekgirl and given to me in the stationery swap last fall. I drew the burst patterns on the one with the iridescent watercolors. All the ones in that picture, I was thinking you could cut up in various ways to create fodder elements.

The combed and marbleized papers were ones I got at the garage sale of a collage photography professor.

I received an over-the-top AMAZING package from @Smmarrt, but she says a second packet is coming, so I’ll share pictures when I have everything together.


Oh, I can’t stand the wait! I’ll post what I have now and then post again when the rest arrives.

Up first, these amazing origami clothes from handpainted book pages. Also some vellum envelopes and a handmade card.

Next, these hand-painted beauties! I already have some plans for them.

Then some wonderful book pages and an old player piano roll. (!!!) That last is super cool; has some words of the lyrics printed on the side, and have a couple of spots that appear burned.

Next, some vintage papers, index cards of various sizes and colors, and some corrugated bits (digging the rainbow colors!)

Then there were some photocopied graphics—several of the designs were printed in a variety of sizes. Could be useful for some projects, for sure. Also some colorful cardstock and graph papers, etc.

Last (but far from least!), these so-cool 1950’s yearbook pages, fun cards, music notation paper, and more grids.

THANKS so much, @Smmarrt! What a cool and inspiring collection of papers!


I forgot to mention the fortunes - I shoved them into a ziploc that contains my current collection and will be added to the bookmarks I’ve made. Love fortunes!


Wow, @Smmarrt and @endymion, these are such fabulous arrays of papery deliciousness! I feel inspired just looking at them, you’re giving me great ideas for things to try out!


Bookmarks with fortunes and using the laminating machine at school.


So fun!!!

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That’s a fab package! Dang, I should have sent Juju some of my correspondence paper, I totally forgot!


Oh I remember seeing these, they are brilliant! I especially love the colours and patterns in the fish :fish: :fish: :fish:


Oh neat package! I especially love the photocopied graphics. And the circles and dots hand-painted. And those origami clothes. I once folded some $20 bills into clothes for my niece when she was a teenager. I think after that I taped money to their favorite candy, cuz that’s all I wanted when I was a teen. Snacks and money.


Fishy fortune bookmarks? These are the COOLEST!!


Snacks and money? That could be our next swap!


I received from @jemimah !

some really cool magazine pages and a painted piece

tissue paper, more painted loveliness and a really cool pattern that I thought was a map :laughing:

scrapbook papers, painted dictionary/text book pages, and this lovely textured tissue paper some of which that jemimah painted on. its so pretty! I stuck a piece of darker paper underneath so the design stands out.

More magazine pages included Mr Popeye. not sure I can cut him up! and some neurographic art

really cool magazine papers, coloring pages, and kitty envelopes!

tiny notebooks, a tag and watercolor rainbows

love this black and white kitty ATC!

various tags and bookmarks

thanks so much @jemimah I loved it all!


I don’t understand that pattern, it totally looks like a crazy map!
I love the neurographic art. I’d like to try it.
So many cool papers and pieces!


Yay! I’m glad you like your papers and things, it was a lot of fun putting the package together.

The pattern sheet is from a German Burda magazine from the 1980s, I am never going to sew those giant shoulder pad jackets and dresses!! I still use the modern Burda magazine patterns like that, where you trace the pattern you want off the sheet. But the modern ones are much easier to follow, you’d have to be so dedicated to decipher those old ones!!


Wow! I love the cat ATC… and the rainbows… and the tissue… and just everything! Such a wonderful array of beautiful papers!


I received a spectacular and very generous package from @geekgirl, I feel so spoiled!!

excellent perforated, gridded and printed papers …

a stupendous array of gelli printed papers :heart:

including some of her monochrome experiments (which I was coveting, and now I have some :smile_cat:) …

beautiful assorted hearts and tags - I’m blown away by the variety of colours and patterns in the hearts …

a gorgeous 4" x 6" art piece for my collection …

and a brilliant 3" x 3" art work that has the perfect quote and aesthetic, so me!

And as if that wasn’t enough, she sent me a gorgeous handmade book of gelli prints! It’s wonderful, I think it will be perfect for mounting and keeping very special quotes and memories, and I will treasure it. Here are some of the pages …

The photos perhaps aren’t the best - I was battling low winter light, not using my usual camera device, and an uncooperative breeze - but I hope the pics show at least some of the fabulous painted and printed papers, I really love everything! Thank you so much Carlee!!


I received my angel package from @Smmarrt !
I was leaving the day it came in. I returned super late last night so today I was able to open it!
Here we go:

There are so many fabulous papers! You must have a hoard of them! Thank you, @Smmarrt!