Paperback book from beginning to end (writing, photography, publishing, printing, and binding!)

I did it again!

This one will be a gift to all my library programs coworkers at our meeting tomorrow (hopefully I finish binding all of them by then)… :grimacing: I’ve got 2 of 9 down so far.

I took all photos that appear int he book during our RV trip in 2018-2019, wrote about each place we visited on a blog, then adapted some of the posts to include them in the book. I also created some poems to go along with some of the photos.

I printed all pages at home, then used @Edel’s wonderful video to learn how to bind the book.

This time I decided to go the paperback route to save time, so I only sewed for the binding—no glue.

I sewed the signatures together, then to each other, and finally I sewed the paperback cover onto all signatures (I trimmed the signatures a bit so the 8.5 x 11 cardstock would easily wrap around them).

I did modify the signature binding just a tad. I sewed right through every signature as I bound each together, as the paper was thin enough to make this easier.

Finally, I used some colourful duct tape to hide the sewing on the cover, as well as to just make the cover prettier.

Thanks for looking!


Wow! Must feel so satisfying to create a whole book by hand. I felt that way when I finished a short zine, but this effort is way beyond that. (!)
Love the rainbow tape on the binding, and the whole project! (Even has an oh-so-official ISBN number, I see.)


What a satisfying and impressive project!

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This is great! It looks so neat and professional. Well done you.

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I love it!

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I am sure they will be so touched by this! It’s such a cool and personal gift.


What a labor of love! You are becoming a bookmaker extrordinaire!


This is so special. The libraries will love it, and wow, ALL by hand? Amazing!

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Thank you for your kind words, everyone!

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