Parks & Rec "Road Trip" ATCs

When I saw Parks and Recreation on @curiousfae’s list in the Ongoing ATC Swap, I knew I had to tap one of my favorite lines from my favorite episode, “Road Trip,” where drunk Leslie excuses herself to the bathroom to call Ann.

While rewatching the (entire) episode to make sure I had the quote right, I landed on a couple of backup ideas that then insisted on being made anyway. Leslie’s proposed conversation topics to keep things professional with Ben:

And my personal favorite, based on a throwaway reference from the B plot where Tom tests his new game show idea (the base is from a masterboard by @photojenn):

Thanks for looking! (This post not sponsored by “Road Trip.” Which is S3, Episode 14, if anyone’s wondering.)


I like the style of the first one. Nice job!

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How fun are these? You could spend years making things with great Parks and Rec lines!


These are great! So fun!

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Haha. These are all excellent but I especially love the last one!

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Thanks, everyone!

You really could. It’s hard to choose a cutoff.

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