Passing on the Zipper Pouch Love!

My sister has been learning to sew, and while she’s tackled some relatively complex projects, she had never sewn in a zipper before. I had planned to teach her a couple of years ago, but we ran out of time. We finally had time yesterday!

I kept it simple and just did a straightforward pouch with her. But, now that she has the basic construction down, she can change it up in the future!

I did show her how to swap out the zipper pulls, and I added a piece of zipper as a little grab tag on mine. She did a great job on hers, and I was the one who made the mistakes- I forgot to open the zipper before I stitched the sides of the pouch (I realized my mistake as I was almost done), and I forgot to topstitch one side (I did it after the pouch was finished).


Nice to share your skills!

Pouches are always so handy…just when you think you can’t possible use another, you can!

Love the idea of using part of a zipper as a grab!

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I cannot resist zipper pouches. Sometimes I see a fun one in a store, and even though I have the skills to make a pouch, I’ll still buy it! They also make great gifts, and I shared a bunch of ideas with my sister.

I got the idea for using the zipper as a grab from making the Bendy Bags (which I learned how to make in a Craftsy class). I usually buy my zippers longer than I need (especially because it seems like JoAnn Fabrics prices them all the same regardless of length) so I can cut off the metal stops, and then I have a little bit left to make the grab tab.

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I also buy the longer ones because then you always have the right size! I love the idea of separating two colors and making a new zipper as well…like you, I learned how to do it using a fork!

Next time we swap, remind me to send you some zippers…I misread a description when I ordered some red, white and blue zippers…I thought it said 10 of each…turned out it was 50 of each… :)…no way I am making 150 pouches…lol


I agree, pouches are my downfall, there’s just so many things you can do with them!


If I carried a pocketbook on a regular basis, it would be filled with several small pouches to keep things organized.