Pastel nutcracker

I had fun this past Christmas painting up a wooden nutcracker. I decided to go with a pastel theme. He has lots of glitter spots on him too.


Very cute!

It’s adorable :smiley: I really like the colour combinations, especially green and pink.
Also, is the mini santa hat crochet pattern supposed to be there? I mean, I don’t mind it, but there was no mention of it :slight_smile:

I have no idea how the mini Santa hat pattern ended up there and just figure out how to make it go away! @imera I’m glad you like the color combo!

I love the lighter colour scheme.

I really appreciate your new take on the classic nutcracker. Way to break outta that…shell.



Nutcrackers are my favorite decoration! Never thought about chamging the color palette…

Love your use of non-traditional colors on the nutcracker! It’s so much fun :slight_smile:

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This is super cool. I love the little glitter “highlights” on the pastel colors. It’s nice seeing a nutcracker not in bright reds and greens! Gorgeous little guy.