Personalized Holiday Flannel Pillowcases

Suck it, Calendar! I can make Christmas stuff whenever I want!


When I saw this adorable elfin flannel at a local shop’s INSANE fabric sale a week and a half ago when I was fresh off making these pillowcases for TheMisterT, I knew I had to make pillowcases with it for our nieces… for next year. So I wandered the the flannel aisles at JoAnn a few days later to find the accent prints during their flannel sale.




And then I decided I really did kind of need to embroider their names on them, right? Right! So I found a font I thought would work with the elves and show up nicely on the polka dots, printed up patterns, and transferred them to the already cut cuff pieces. Once nice thing about embroidering the cuff pieces before assembling the pillowcases is the back is completely encased: protected and unseen.


Another nice detail of the cases is that they are tidy French seams.


And now I just have to remember I have them come next xmas season! :laughing:


So snuggly and cute!


Thank you, @bethntim!

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Did you fussy cut those cases? Looks like the patterns on both are EXACTLY the same!! I am sure you did…oh goodness…they turned out perfect!

That fill stitch might have taken some time, but they are really do stand out on the cuff. Just be glad that they weren’t named Christina or Magdeline or something really long! ha

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Thank you! And Oh my goodness, I did not fussy cut them and didn’t even notice how close they were! I didn’t match the stripes on this one, either, but I could not have come closer if I had tried.

I can’t tell you how grateful I was for their short names! Kate’s name is actually “Kate” on her birth certificate, too. Whew!


lol sometimes all the stars line up…they are lovely and will be a cherished gift


Oh and it took 3 skeins, minus about 14 inches, of 3-strand floss to do those dang letters! Oof. Worth it, but…

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These are amazing. They will be favourites for years to come!

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These are fabulous, you’ve done an anchor job and the stitching is great. And I adore that fabric. It’s just begging to be made into lounge pants and worn all year round.

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Oh my word, those are ADORABLE! I want lounge pants made of that. I would absolutely wear them all the time, totally suck it Christmas! Hahaha!



@Edel and @Magpie Oh, I was totally contemplating lounge pants or even a full set of PJs for myself, but I was so focused on pillow cases I decided to go with that.

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Those are so special! What lucky nieces!

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I love how these turned out! I’m sure they’ll cherish these for a long time.

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They will love them!

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Thanks so much, you guys!

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They turned out great, and I love the fabric!

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Holy gnome beards, you hand embroidered their names on the pillowcases?! It is perfectly perfect stitching! Just like the rest of the project! :star_struck:

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Thanks, y’all!

HAHA! Aw, you! Yeah… poor decision on my part and, well, mistakes were made. :crazy_face:

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So cute! Your stitching is amazing, and I love that fabric!

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Darling gift! Your nieces will flip out at having such an adorable, personalized present!