A Celebration of Spooning - In Pillowcase Embroidery


I have had the idea for this embroidered pillowcase set for YEARS. I even started once and then ripped out the stitches and eventually donated the pillowcases I’d purchased for the project, because our bedding changed and they no longer coordinated. And now these will be for TheMisterT for Valentine’s Day.


They’re entirely done in split stitch using a very dark grey and a slightly mauve-y purple.


I wanted the spoons to, well, spoon so I embroidered them on the inside edge of the cases… which means that I decided to make the cases this time. I found supima cotton on sale at my local Jo-Ann in an appropriate grey and used these pdf directions for assembling the cases. I am kind of IN LOVE with this method and now am trying to make sure I don’t get obsessed with making pillowcases. We don’t really need any more pillowcases at the mo’.

All the seams are finished so nicely with this method! The main assembly is done with french seams and the cuff is attached using this lovely rolling trick that’s kind of like magic! (see the pdf link) I’m sure this isn’t new to a lot of sewists, but it’s new to me!


Your embroidery idea and execution are lovely! What a nice romantic gift!

The method you used to make pillow cases is widely known as the “hot dog” method. It was developed to help people make nicely finished pillowcases for charity. Don’t you love it? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awww this is so adorable! I love your stitching!

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Thanks, pals!

@AIMR Hot dog method! HA! It’s brilliant and really so quick! It took a bit more time to do the french seams on the rest, but boy do I think it was worth it.

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Yes, the French seams are worth it! I have about ten cases cut out and ready to go when the next call for them is sounded. It is mostly hospitals with little kids that request these so anything that can be done to make them safe, comfortable and happy is good. All of the ones I have done are of kids prints. It would be nice to make a few luxurious ones for us…

Pam embroidered some that I still use regularly…they have Chinese lanterns on them!


This supima frays almost like satin! I think the hot dog and the french seams are going to give them some real longevity. I think I will end up making some for our nieces using some fun prints. I am in the middle of a larger, longer donation project and when I have that wrapped up, I might look into something with pillowcases.


This is the most delightful idea and you executed it perfectly. :heart:

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These are the best :laughing:

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Super sweet! You embroidered that BY HAND! And you made the pillowcases even, just so personal. He’ll love it.

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These look great, Tara! I love the spoons! :spoon::spoon:


Beautiful set!

Thanks so much, everyone!

What a sweet gift! Those came out so well.

I love these! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the “hot dog” pillowcase method. I will be checking this out! :laughing:

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Thank you!

These are so cute!

A really fun project, but the finished sophistication is wonderful! and french seems are posh, indeed. Just that final touch!


Awww, thanks!

Awww! Big spoon and little spoon. What sweet pillowcases.

  1. Your brain comes up with some good stuff.
  2. Your embroidery skills!!!
  3. French seams for the win! I’m going to have to check out that pillowcase tutorial. You’re right about the supima fraying; I’ve worked with it before and I think French seams are a must, otherwise it will just shred all to heck.