Pet Treat Gift Boxes

I decorated some really cute kraft milk cartons as holiday gifts for the pets. They needed presents, too!

The sides of the cartons were covered with various papers and a few collage sheets, easy peasy! I decided the gift boxes needed appropriate tags so I scissored out a fish and bone shape for the closure. The top is closed with a butterfly clamp and a bit of ribbon, so making quite a few of these gift boxes is doable in an afternoon. Fill the inside with treats or a catnip toy and you have yourself a super quick gift!


Stop!!! These are the cutest cute that ever cute!

So cute!!

Those are so cute and also a great idea for giving gifts to neighbours with pets. I will need to revisit @TheMistressT 's bacon fat dog biscuit recipe!

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Yes, you should!

These are just too stinkin’ cute. :blush:

ACK! These are both gorgeous and adorable! I’ll be pinning this, you bet I will!

These are fantastic! Amazing job!



Sheesh…just when I thought making stockings for my furbabies was enough…oh no…they saw these and now, they want personalized gift boxes…

Thanks for enabling them…

They are so cute…my cat is going to continue to push one thing a day off my work table until I make him one…ha ha

Haha, you can make him one, but he’s still going to push stuff off the table. :cat2:

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They are so adorable, and yes, pets needs gifts as well :smiley: