"Phishy" Mug Rug

I made this for @Magpie’s Mr. in the latest round of the Mug Rug Swap. He is a Phish fan, something I don’t really know much about beyond the standard “Phish” logo. But I do have a friend who is a fan, who was my unofficial “consultant” in this project. :laughing:

I knew I wanted to use Mr. Road’s old tie-dye t-shirts for this project, even though they were mostly Grateful Dead tees and not Phish. I still have a stack of squares as long as my forearm from when I made him a t-shirt quilt back in…2013. I used sky colored squares to make the sky, random-pieced style. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have interfaced the blocks because the seams are a little bulky if you’re setting mugs on it, but hopefully it will flatten out with use/time.

The mountains were one of the inspiration images sent by @Magpie, and the one that spoke to me the most, so I just went with it, adding the quote along the top. I decided to add some stitching embellishment to the mountains to add some depth and visual interest.

My consultant friend knew the quote right away and added some nonsense about the Helping Friendly Book that I didn’t really understand, lol, when I said the imagery is supposed to be inspired by Mt. Icculus (?). I don’t really know, lol, but I loved the quote and the mountains, so, yeah! Hopefully it works.

I also added a coveted focal piece from an old tie-dye to the back:

It was really fun to make something for our significant others. I really enjoyed this exchange! :grin:


I just love how you did the background sky. I don’t know that it would be “you” without that bit of scrappyness!

How wonderful that you two agreed to make something for the SI’s! I think the four of you definitely have a lot in common!

You both did mountains but so unique!


I handed him the package & he was all “For ME?” :face_holding_back_tears:
Then he got a lil’ squee-ish when he saw the Phishy tiedyedness of it all. Yay, you got it perfectly, he loves it. It’s on his desk with zero cups touching it, he’s treating it like art.


I love how you did the mountains! The stitching on them definitely adds depth and visual interest. The tie dye sky makes for a great background!

I don’t know anything about Phish either, other than the fact that Phish Food is my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (though I’m not 100% certain if that’s a reference to the band or not…). Great job incorporating the quote!


Oh yes, a most excellent flavor and I do believe band-inspired.

@Magpie - My guy is the same about his!! They are too cute, those boys. :grin:


Really great design, and love the stitching on the mountains.

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I love how perfect all your details are on this. Also the mountain stitching is awesome.

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SO COOL! The stark b/w of the mountains against the soft tie dye is wonderful. There are some aurora borealis vibes going there. I love seeing both of these mug rugs in the same day - did you two discuss both using mountains or is that just serendipity?


Oh man you’re so right! I wish I could say I planned that, lol.

We just happened to both do mountains! I think similar imagery speaks to us! :sweat_smile:

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I thought it looked northern lights-ish, too! It really turned out great!

I love that you did stuff for each others’ men. Somebody sent soap for my honey in a swap and he was over the moon.


I also thought the aurora borealis was deliberate. It’s a really great composition.

And can we just talk about how the bit of your sleeve in the pic also coordinates? If you ever feel low and wonder if you’ve got a creative eye just wander over here and look at what you did without even straining your brain. chef’s kiss


Hahahaha…it just matches my general aesthetic, I guess! :laughing:

Thanks for all the kind words! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Super cool and the stitching on the mountains really set them off. Beautifully done project!