Vintage Toyota mugrug

Made for the recent mugrug swap, @Abbeeroad & I crafted for each other’s fellas. We both went for a mountain theme, must have had them in mind after this round-up! She made a great Phish theme rug for my man, he loves it of course.
I picked a vintage Toyoto image from her pins. I don’t usually make super straight precise stuff but wanted to stay true to the original.

My man helped me choose the cut off corners, I think that helped soften all the straight lines & edges a bit while still keeping things pretty square looking.

Everything stuck on with fusible webbing then stitched on a regular machine pivot style.


It’s absolutely wonderful! I love that your Mr. helped pick the shape. Those corners really add to the piece!

Each line is perfect. Mr. Road is super appreciative of your precision, especially since that word is not really in my vocabulary. :laughing:

I am going to try to post mine today!


I really like the jagged edges of the snow on the mountains. It works perfectly with this whole design. And the way you used that brown fabric to create the different mountains is so well done. It keeps creates the look of a continuous mountain range without the individual mountains getting lost among the others. You did a terrific job on this all around!


Looks so pristine!


This is really, really cool. You’ve really captured the vibe of the whole thing! It totally looks like a patch that would be on a cap or jacket of the time.


Such a great way to bring that logo to life!

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The way you used the fabric to give those mountains some movement and dimension is brilliant!

The letters are so neat and tidy…and the shape is fabulous as well.

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Love the vintage feel of this one.

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So neatly done! Those edges are perfection. Be very proud!

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This just popped up for me, thanks all. I think I’ll try a shaped edge again soon.

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