Photo orientation/editing?

Is there a tutorial on optimizing the photo posting feature? Try as I might to edit on the computer before posting, some orientation still shows up sideways or even upside down!


I’m interested in this too. Whenever I try to resize a photo when uploading from my phone, it always ends up turning it sideways. Is there a way to change the orientation after it uploads?

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See, if I reorient, crop & save from the phone it works ok. Erk, well that phone is not connected to a network so actually I plug it into the computer afterwards and copy the photos then upload them. Doing the same editing on the computer yeilds sideways photos.

Can’t say about the computer, but if I crop it on my phone (while in the correct orientation)- even if I crop a teeny bit- it shows up correctly. But, then, I guess that’s what @Magpie said also. :hugs:

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I take all photos with my phone and load them as is…sideways, huge, etc. When I upload in the editing, I just make it smaller by doing this

…288x500, 25% (or 50% or 75%)…I just use a % behind any pic or leave it big…I have never used editing software here…I am using a Samsung Galaxy 10 phone!

This one was sideways on my phone and computer:

Shrunk here by using 50% behind the size:

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If I crop on my phone, whether I upload from my phone or laptop, it orients correctly. If I don’t crop on my phone then it’s hit or miss.


The issue I’m seeing is related to when I upload and I select a different size (eg small, medium, large) where the forum software is converting it (I believe) instead of trying to upload the original file (7mb). I was trying to be a “good citizen” and use less space by uploading the image at 1/10th the size but it always turns the image sideways.

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That’s a bit frustrating because the phone screen is minuscule compared to the computer where I can really actually see which photo is best and crop it nicely. Sometimes I get one loaded only to find that no, that wasn’t just my old eyes, it is in fact blurry for reals :smile:

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Let me see if I can help! :slight_smile:

I do need more details to replicate the issue. If you are experiencing this issue, could you type out the exact steps that produce the error? What type of file are you editing (.jpg, .png, etc.)? Are you taking it with your phone, DSLR, etc.? What program are you using to edit, and once you edit, what filetype are you saving it as? Overshare-- give me lots of details! :slight_smile:

And lastly, if you are feeling really feisty, could you please email me a copy of one of the photos that have uploaded/appeared as sideways for you? That would really help me. jean @


Just checking in to see if anyone is able to replicate this issue + list out the steps for me (please :blush:). Thank you, thank you.

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My crafting/guest room is currently full of guest, lol. I have a wrongly oriented photo to attempt with & will report back with all the deets if I can’t make it work right.

Haha, thank you! :smile:

I think the issue I was describing is actually a problem (quirk?) with iOS. I noticed the same behavior when doing the same steps (select a size other than “original”) to upload a file to Ravelry. So I don’t think there’s anything to look into on my variation.

Here we go. Photo taken with a samsung galaxy 5. Loaded into a dell laptop running windows 7. It was sideways in photo files, I rotated it to be right side up on the computer using the rotate function in the preview screen.

My work around is to rotate on the phone and save a new image but that makes it tricky to see the best quality photo because, of course, the screen is so mush smaller than a monitor.

Ok, this image is on my desktop oriented correctly but uploading sideways. I opened it in paint, cropped and saved as a new image but… still sideways. I am trying to post a tutorial but it looks ridiculous with this silly thing. Is there a way for a moderator to re-orient it somehow?

Any ideas on how to remedy this? I’ve been moving tutorials etc over from the other site, copying the images onto my computer then uploading them here. Some come out oriented incorrectly and short of loading them onto a cell phone, cropping, then moving to the computer to upload, I am stuck. The samsung I’m using is just for taking pictures, it’s not connected to a network, no sim card so I can’t upload from it.

I still have it open for me. :frowning: It’s hard because I’m not able to replicate it on my end. I’m still trying, though. I’m on a mission. :smile:

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Maybe this is helpful…

Here’s the post on deadster, I copied the photos from there and moved them here.

You can see the photos that didn’t orient properly and if I edit them on my computer which is running Windows 7, the new cropped and resaved photos still orient wrong. There may be something I can do on my end but I’m not certain what it is.

image image

I just copied and pasted from old to here…I did nothing…

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