Piano Hinge scrappy fabric book

There’s an upcoming class on making scrappy fabric beads, I hope you’ll join in! All proceeds go to covering the costs of keeping Lettuce Craft in the green, so to speak :smile:.

When I was figuring out the best way to make them I ended up with piles and, since it was impossible to choose favourites, I used a few to make a book with piano hinge spine.

Attaching the covers and pages took some finagling and a lot of hand sewing. These photos aren’t great but I hope you can the details anyhow.

Ribbon was folded over signature spines & machine zigzag stitched, then the ribbon got hand stitched to every other bead.

I had a lot of beads to choose from, this is not even half, lol.

The colours, patterns and texture make me so happy, I love how it turned out.


How delightful! What a fun creation!


This is an ingenious way to use them. It looks fab

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Ooo, I was just thinking about how making them a little bigger around than expected would allow them to be attached to a book as a pen-holder - This takes it a step further and I love it!


What a clever way to use them in your crafting. I love how colorful and unique each bead is.

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Nifty use of those nifty beads! I love that you’re showing so many ways to use these as the class approaches!

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Thank you everybody! Book making is one of my favourite crafts to make, sewing is another. So of course I found a way to use as much fabric as possible for this journal, lol.

Today is the last day to sign up for the scrappy fabric bead class that’s happening this Saturday!