Pinkstravaganza Quilt

During the early days of the pandemic, @Edel and I decided to trade quilt tops, made with what we had on hand. She sent me this top, which features sashing made from fabric she dyed to use at her wedding.

I’m not much of a pink person, so when I went to back and bind it, my first thought was to feature one of the other colors in the top. I even had a bright blue all picked out. But the whole thing is just so very Edel-ish in its bright cheerful scrappiness, that I decided to lean into her love of pink. So I chose a light pink-on-pink batik for the backing.

And a bright deep pink with little crescent moons for the binding. Hopefully she’ll think I did right be her quilt top!


That’s such a cool shared project! You finished everything beautifully. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


How cool to have something that is a wonderful reminder of a friend! I am also not a pink person, but, I would definitely associate this quilt with @edel for many reasons, including the unique scrappiness design. Great job on finishing it!


This looks lovely! I’m not a huge pink person either but this is gorgeous.


It’s so charming and lovely! I’m also not super into pink, but sometimes the right color is the right color whether it’s one you would usually choose and this might’ve been one of those times. This is why I have a yellow-painted bathroom. :woman_shrugging:


So beautiful of @Edel to share part of her wedding memories with you. And scrappy is always a win to me :smiley: Beautiful job finishing it!


You’ve done a fabulous job on it @MistressJennie it makes me happy to look at it.


This makes me very happy!

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