Pirate Potholders & Seven Seas Trivet

I whipped up a set of pirate themed potholders and a rope trivet for my Father In Law for Christmas. The fabrics were from stash. Skull and crossbones because he likes pirates, and the blue was a mix of leftover 1.5" strips from some quilts, and the binding was binding left from the same quilts. I thought it looked like water and made a fun contrast.

I put them together with some homemade Seasoning Mixes, and a meat breaking tool, pepper mill, and peppercorns, and some sea salt.

The gift ‘basket’ is really the cardboard crate the Mason jars came in. I simply wrapped it in black tissue paper, and used some leftover basket fill to keep the jars from rolling about.


Yarrrr making some great gifts, friend!


Some piratical pot holders off the starboard bow, Cap’n!

(No really - great potholders & the colors work so well together, i would proudly display these!)


It looks lovely all put together. I bet the seasonings are yummy.
The pot holders look well made and a fun design/theme.


Excellent gift idea. The potholders and trivet look great together!

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Great themed gift box! Looks very tidy and classic, but with a fun pirate theme. Very cool!

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Beautiful…and beautifully presented!

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