Pizza Party

A few years ago I bought a felt pizza kit on Etsy, thinking I was going to make it for one of my great nieces or nephews…well, before you know it, they were too old to play with it…but, like a true crafter, I hung on to it for the “perfect” moment. :grin:

Fast forward to 2022…I have been enjoying the community we have all developed here on LC. Joking around, teasing each other, keeping secret surprises, encouraging and spurring each other on…it has been a joy to see friendships start and evolve.

@Cindy and @antbee gave us a bit of a ride with the “something”. I enjoyed the banter and the excitement of finally finding out what the “something” was!

I decided that @antbee’s kiddo would be the perfect little one to gift the Pizza Party! I gave a few hints, but not enough that she would guess…@Cindy gave me some information I needed so the plot to surprise was on!

A shout out to @endymion for gifting a felt camping set that I know the kidlet enjoyed the heck out of and was part of my inspiration!

Here is the completed kit…hours of fun making and laughing as I posted hints:

Nov 20

Nov 28

Dec 08

The kit has a pizza board, a spinning cutter, six slices of pizza, and toppings (onions, green pepers, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, mozarella cheese, and basil leaves). Mom will have to make pineapple or pickles and any other toppings . Also, cheese sticks and marinara sauce.

I even got a real pizza box from a local pizza joint and shipped it!

I used Word to create a customized pizza place with kidlet’s name.

Hope the family enjoys playing Pizza as well as eating a real one on me!

Happy Days, @antbee…now get back to sock making!


This is so, so fantastic! It was nice to see on zoom just before you mailed it. I’ll gladly partner with anyone to surprise another LC member :smiley:


lol You are a good spy and secret keeper!!! lol


This was such a nice surprise for both of us! Kidlet has been making me pizzas all afternoon. :partying_face:

Seriously, I had no idea. This little corner of the world, online and off, is truly special.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and joy with us!


Wow, I love this!

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Shut the front door, this is amazeballs!


Yes. Yes it is!

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What an amazing gift for Kidlet! I love that you even shipped it in a pizza box. Everything looks so realistic and neatly stitched.


I had to put the pizza box in another box because it had tabs that stuck out. The post office is picky about anything that can get stuck on those rollers. At least when it was opened, there was a pizza box!


That is so, so sweet. What a wonderful surprise! Pizzas all around!


I love everything about this, the conception, the plotting, the adorable crafts! I’ve never quite grown out of the make-believe play stage in a tiny corner of my heart so I love seeing this like this. Beautifully done and huzzah for an amazing surprise!


This is just the coolest!! I love that it went to AntBee’s little one. I agree, the bantering spirit of, ah-hem, certain members is just so fun!! :laughing:

All those toppings! The pizza cutter! The mozzarella sticks! So much work, my friend. Truly epic.


It’s okay to name @AIMR we all know she’s a terrible tease :rofl:


My goodness this is so adorable - not just the incredibly detailed felt pieces, but the packaging, the lead up to the surprise, and the story of friendship and togetherness behind it!


:rotating_light: Wee-oo wee-woo! :rotating_light:
:dizzy: Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :dizzy:
:trophy: Congratulations! :1st_place_medal:


How absolutely precious! That pizza cutter is the cutest thing ever!!!

What a great story and a great gift!

This is just the cutest!

Thanks! The cutting wheel actually spins. The wheel is made with a piece of stiff felt inside. I never heard of it before but can see a lot of possibilities using it for other projects. It can even be run through a cricut cutter!

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This is incredible! Your stitches look fantastic and there are so many of them. Ha!

Absolutely awesome my friend!

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