Plasticine art

Today was the last day of the library’s Art Studio program, and the theme was plasticine art. A few children’s illustrators were featured, including my favourite, Barbara Reid.

Unfortunately, I accidentally placed something on top of the artwork when I brought it home, and damaged a portion of it. I took this picture before the damage though.

This is a girl dancing at “the gazebo,” a beloved summer spot for swing dancers here in Kingston.

I had intended on making a couple dancing, but I ran out of time and space.

It’s my first time working with this medium (for making a picture), so I have a lot to learn. I’m not sure I’ll work with it again, though; it’s pretty hard on arthritic hands.


What is plasticine? Oh I see, it’s like polymer clay only it doesn’t harden. That had to have been wild to put it on paper and make it more 2D than 3D.
I looked up Barbara Reid. I haven’t read any of her books! I’m surprised.


Sorry you damaged your artwork! This looks like a cool one, but I expect I’d have similar issues with my hands.


SO it never dries? I think that would be hard to preserve, but yours looks like a lot of fun. Your lady looks like she is ready for a fun night dancing her troubles away!


fascinating-- I would never have thought to try to apply plasticine to paper. :thinking:

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@gozer Plasticine never dries. Yes, it’s hard to preserve!

I always enjoyed playing with it as a kid. Never thought to make this type of art with it though. Very cool. And it would be great for stop-action animation when used with care.