Please don't post my pictures on other sites!

For those of you reading this topic for the first time: my request has been granted and the mods have been very kind and helpful, as always.

At @sweets4ever and the other mods.

I don’t do social media. We don’t do social media.

Yet, to my surprise I found a picture of one of my (@madebyBeaG) projects on Lettuce Craft’s Facebook page and a picture one of my Marc’s (@CraftyJedi) on Lettuce Craft’s Pinterest. And that was only within two minutes of looking. Perhaps there are more.

We do NOT want our pictures posted on any other site than Lettuce Craft!

Consider this: any picture, plus the rights to the idea depicted in that picture, posted publicly on Facebook, becomes Facebook’s property. Yes, you read that correctly.
They can do with it whatever they please, even have our designs mass-produced (and get paid for it). It happens to people every single day.

So, Lettuce Heads, will you please remove our pictures from any other place than this forum, where we explicitly posted them ourselves.
Be it Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or any site other than this one. Thank you!

I suggest that you ask other Lettuce Craft members for their permission to post their pictures on other websites.

Bea & Marc


@madebyBeaG this is a fantastic suggestion. There is a great deal of emphasis on giving credit where due, copyright infringement, etc., on this site so it is only fair that permission and approval be sought from LC members before posting their wares and likenesses elsewhere.

I asked a question earlier about why others could download my photos and was told that’s always been possible on the net, on many, if not all, sites. For interest sake, I signed out of LC and viewed it as a guest and could still download other people’s pictures.

So, as far as I can tell, no matter what you post on here, it can be downloaded by anyone, member or not. Asking for it to be taken off other sites doesn’t protect your photo it just makes it visible to a smaller audience. I didn’t realize, myself, the rights we give up posting photos online.

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No one has the right to sell any of your art work without permission. Pictures of artwork, however, can be posted and shared. There is not a lot you can do about that other than not post pictures. I suggest putting a watermark or copyright on anything if you are that concerned, but the US copyright protection automatically protects original artwork.

Copyrights for artists

and every once in a while, rumors of what FB can and can not do is posted incorrectly…read the terms…they do not own your art, your photos…

FB Does not own your photos

You are not giving up any “rights” as there are no “rights” concerning the posting of pictures on the internet. What you give up is the ability to control how and where your photos show up…and yes, that can be anywhere, even on someone’s wall, but they can’t make money off of it…copyrights protect money, not distribution as long as it is free…

Honestly, because there is so much out there, very little of the stuff we do here has commercial value…if anything, maybe it is used for ideas to spur on other creativity…how many here have gone to search for ideas using other people’s pictures…I know I have.

Ideas are not protected by law…only a product…


I totally understand this came as an unhappy surprise to you and that you’re not happy with this (I wouldn’t be either if it somehow revealed my irl identity) but this is in the terms and conditions. LC doesn’t own your content, but you gave LC permission to publish your content by signing up. I have a law degree, so reading T&C is a professional deformation for me, I know normal people don’t do this.

As for copying/downloading of pictures: I don’t think there’s a way to prevent someone making a copy of your picture on the internet. There are so many ways to do it. If you reallywant to keep something private, the only way to do that is to not post it on the internet anywhere. Other than that the easiest way to claim your own picture is by adding a watermark, but there are ways around that, too.


Of course your pictures can always be STOLEN if you post them online.
But there is a big difference between

  1. STEALING someone’s pictures and
  2. LEGALLY OBTAINING someone’s pictures.

If people download your pictures from for instance Lettuce Craft, or Flickr, where I display most of my creations, they are doing something illegal, they are stealing.
You can prove it and sue them for it.

But if you post your pics publicly on Facebook, they become Facebook’s property and so does the design depicted in your pic. It says so in Facebook’s over 90 pages of small print.
So it would be legal for people to take your pics from Facebook, as long as Facebook does not object (and they don’t, because they don’t care). That is NOT theft.
Facebook can even SELL your pictures (which are no longer yours, but theirs, once you posted them publicly!
You AGREED to that when you agreed to their 90+ pages of small print on starting your account. That is one of the reasons I don’t have a Facebook account.

Now, legally you cannot even post pictures on Facebook unless you own them, even though many people do so. That means my pics should NOT be there in the first place, because I did not give permission.
I and I alone am the owner of my pictures.
When I became a Lettuce Craft member, I did not sign an agreement that handed over ownership of my pictures to Lettuce Craft.

@sweets4ever, I know you have good intentions and did not mean to do anything bad.

That being said, please don’t post any of our pictures on any other website without our permission.
And no, Marc and I won’t give you permission to do so. We don’t want our pictures posted on the big social websites. We don’t like their take on privacy and copyright, amongst other issues.

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I always read ‘the small print’ before I sign up to anything.
I did not give LC permission to share my pics on FB and the likes.
I would not have signed up to Lettuce Craft if this was in the small print.

People being able to illegally downloading your online content is not the issue here.
The only way to prevent that is to not post anything online.

I love sharing my creations with this community.
And I love sharing them on Flickr.
Taking pictures from Lettuce Craft or Flickr for commercial reasons is illegal.

Reposting my pictures anywhere else online is not allowed without my permission, yet everyone seems to do so nowadays. I am not happy about that.

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I am not talking about ‘rumors’, but have actively followed law cases of creators (mainly fine artists on Etsy) who had their original work ripped of by partners of Facebook who bought THEIR work from FB.
I am talking about them finding their artwork printed on jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, etc., without their permission. The (Asian) producers got permission FROM Facebook. Because Facebook claimed successfully (!) to be the owner of their work, from the moment they publicly posted it on Facebook. Again: it’s in the fine print.
(The artists’ lawyers do not allow them to publish their cases online, so I cannot link to them.)

What you call ‘rumors’ is actually openly written in Facebook’s small print.

And when I consent to a website (like Lettuce Craft) to use my pictures, it does not include them being shared on Facebook or other social media websites without my permission.
Again: I would not have agreed to that.

I’ve been following this subject closely over the years.
It is one of the main reasons I don’t want to be part of FB and the likes.

Anyhow, apart from all this legal talk, when I ask (like I did in my OP) to have my pictures removed from other sites where I do not want them posted, and I ask not to post my pictures on those sites anymore, that request has to be granted.
After all, I am the one who decides how and where MY pictures are used.
I only gave permission to show them here on Lettuce Craft.

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Well, good luck with that…I respect your request.


The permission is in the word publish the last sentence of the third paragraph under the header of Your Content:Lettuce Craft T&C

That isn’t to say I don’t understand your concerns, I am careful with these things too.


I stopped posting pics of my younger nieces and nephews because others could use them…it is disgusting…totally illegal if they get caught, but I won’t risk it…sad, really


Also the 2nd paragraph under the disclaimer section.

I agree content ownership is a big deal. I’m not going to dispute for or against etc. but I have read the TOC multiple times to make sure I understand what I’m am agreeing to.

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‘The Circle’ has become real then.
The only way to not be a part of (or victim of) these way too powerful companies, that for now stand above all laws, is by not being present online at all.
My small town in Belgium, however, is not interested in me or my creations. I foresee a lonely life.

Thank you for looking it up, @geekgirl!


It is shocking, though, when you get a notice from Pinterest that one of your pics was shared and you had no idea it was on there…I started making some of my boards Private…

I’m interested in if you have any references for this? What you are referring to is exactly how Pinterest works. When someone adds a pin to their board, Pinterest copies the image to their servers where it lives forever.


Do you sign your work? Maybe that would deter people a bit? How about a watermark? Some countries have no respect for copyright…I have seen almost exact copies of work for sale online and no one can stop it…

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How hard it is to maintain your legal rights is another issue.
But voluntarily getting rid of them is what I don’t want to be part of.

Signing your work and watermarking it is easily outworked by copiers.
It doesn’t change the ownership though.

But again: this thread is about me not wanting my pics shared on other websites without my permission. Permission I won’t grant.


But as @Homerof2 said, even if everyone here respected everyone’s request, what stops a guest from coming here and doing the same thing?

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Watermarking your pictures can help protect your work. Perhaps include a blurb on each picture that it is not to be shared.

Most people don’t even think about the legality of posting pictures on the internet, and a friendly reminder might help educate them.

Not everybody will read this thread and see your preferences, you need to put it right in their face.

Hi, friends. I’ll reply as soon as I can read the entire thread. We’re celebrating a life today. I can’t be on my phone at the moment. I’m sorry.