Plum Baby Hat & Mitts

I’ve been stuck on my couch with my crazy dog lately, as we’ve had thunderstorms. She’s terrified of them, so the only thing we can do is give her some Xanax and sit with her. In an effort to keep myself busy I’ve been stash busting small crochet projects during these times. This was a quick little project I did last week, to go with a purchased baby gown; a hat and mitts.

I ordered the purple gown on Amazon, and it arrived a lot darker, (and a somewhat browner purple) than the website had shown. I decided a cheerful hat and mitts might keep the purple from looking so… dour? The yarn is Darn Good Yarn’s worsted weight recycled silk in Rule of Plum. The mitts are from the Aesira Newborn Mittens & Booties pattern. The hat is the Newborn Hat by Rachel Choi


What a great pop of colour! They really liven up the gown.


Very cheery and colorful!


I really like these together. The dress color is a good one for showing off adorable baby faces and baby accessories without being a traditional neutral.


I had thought the same same thing as AntBee! I am sure she will make it look brighter just by wearing it, but add those sweet hat and mitts? C’mon!


What a great combo!

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Recycled silk yarn sounds amazing! I bet those have a nice feel to them. Great way to cheer up a nightgown.

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