Plum Butter Mock Shortbread Cookies

Eh, wasn’t going to start a whole new topic, but meh, why not. Heh!

The log after freezing for about two hours.

After being sliced up, and yep, I was right, a full log does fill up one large cookie sheet. Perfect. :grinning:

After baking, and 12 minutes at 350° is the sweet spot.

Applesauce Faked Shortbread Cookies Original post.

Changes to this one verses the applesauce one, I put in the full 4 Tablespoons of plum butter, but since I made the plum butter, I had more control over the amount of liquid that remained in it. Also, I put in 1/4 tsp of baking soda rather than baking powder (I presumed the plum would add the correct amount of acid, and…well…It was about the same as using baking powder. So, baking soda or powder, meh, they both work, heh). This one has no almond extract (ran out from the applesauce batch, so wouldn’t have mattered even if I remembered to use it, :no_mouth:).

Overall impression: This is it. This is the one I’ll make as often as I can. The plum butter complements the butter quite nicely, and it’s not imposing at all. I bet even a person who doesn’t like fruit would like this one.


Sounds delicious! I love fruit, and bet the plum butter adds a wonderful flavor to the cookies. Genius!

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Second day in, and they got better. still soft, too. I wonder what adding an egg, corn starch and turning them into sugar cookies would be like. But I won’t do that. That’s really pushing it, in the effort department of my spine, heh.

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These look great! Plum butter is such an interesting ingredient. Love your willingness to experiment with your recipes. Glad you found a winner here!

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