Pokémon TM Patches

Made these blingy Teesha-Moore-style patches for a personal swap with @roler.

We are both trying to get enough patches to create binder covers for ATC binders. As some of you may know, she actually has two binders; one of them is exclusively for her Pokémon ATCs.

I made the word one thinking she could use it for the spine, so I hope that works out, size-wise. And I do have a deep love for sequins, so she might need to squint if she ever looks at her binder in full sunlight!

This was so much fun, and I totally love the art-themed patches she sent me!


Oh my gosh. That blingy poke-ball is the best! I can’t imagine stitching each of those sequins on, though, man!

And the felt Pokemon logo is perfect! The stars and the background really make it feel like a screen shot from the opening sequence!

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These are so cheery! So cool that you made to one of her themes!

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You can never go wrong with sparkles.

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This is sooo cool! I’m a little nostalgic.

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Um, how in the heck did you cut the letters for Pokémon out so cleanly! I am floored! They both look awesome!

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Someone on LC mentioned that they loved their precision detail scissors and wished they’d gotten them sooner. I was curious, so I looked into it and got a pair.

They have changed my crafting life! They have very slim, pointy tips that allow you to cut very meticulously.


I don’t know if you can really see it in the photo, but the tips are chiseled down to be very thin.

There are lots of different brands and kinds of precision or detail scissors available.


I have some and my cuts don’t look like that! Ha!
Maybe I need to try another brand? Mine seem to stop cutting right before the tip. Maybe its a feature I don’t understand.

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I’ve always liked Fiskars brand (no affiliation to me). The pair in the picture really does cut to the very tip of the scissors.

I looooooove my patches! They are both SO immaculately made, and the sparkly Pokéball even has a rhinestone button! AMAZING. I can’t wait to collect more and make the binder cover! :slight_smile:

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