Polar Bear

Hi there, my first post here and my first post in what feels like a decade on Craftster. I don’t really know if it has been a decade but it sure feels like it!

I seem to have a very Pippi Longstockings attitude when it comes to crafting, so of course I believed in myself and can sew a teddy bear marked “level: skilled”! Because renovating a house, moving out of a flat 40km away from the house while taking a drivers license and all that Christmas and NY stuff was not enough, right?!

He’s my first finished teddybear, but I did practice on two others that will be done once I get my crafts room unpacked. They don’t have a recipient yet. And now to the important stuff: Pelle the Polar Bear.

My little nephew Eddie at 2 years LOVES everything to do with polar bears. His favorite teddy bear is a plush called Peter Polaris. Eddie is becoming a big brother this April so of course Peter is getting a younger brother too!

Many years ago (10 maybe 12) I saw a polar bear kit at a local crafts fair. So naturally I tracked the company down and looked for the kit. They didn’t carry it anymore. Oh well, they might have the pattern and I could just get the supplies in their supplies shop. Nope. No go either. So I wrote them and asked and they were so kind to go through their old archives. They found the pattern and make a kit for me :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Meet Pelle:

He is made in white Steif mohair, hand sown, tightly stuffed with wool and of course he has steel granulate in his paws too. His nose is leather. It doesn’t show very well on these pictures but his eyes are sky blue.

Here he is sitting down:

And standing:

Eddie was fond of him right away petting him softly and hugging him while looking very happy :heart: Nothing more can be asked for.

Warm regards, Anne


I love him. Keep sharing your work with us!

I loved stuffed bears/animals when I was a kid. My favourite was a stuffed mountain lion brought back from the Yukon by my uncle.

You’ve done an amazing job here! Love the expressive look on this guy’s face.

Awesome customer service story, too.

This is so sweet! I love that little face! You did an amazing job.

Amazing work! You can barely even tell he’s jointed when looking at the pics - the limbs are so snug to his body and the fur blends in so well. I am in complete awe.

He is wonderful! Well done. Clearly you are absolutely a ‘skilled’ teddy bear maker.

He’s articulated! and realistic looking! (vs cartoon)

gah!!! he’s wonderful!


O M G! That is SO ADORABLE! That little face!!!

He is adorable!

Oh, he is soooo good! His face, the moving legs… everything is wonderful. Kudos to you for tackling the skilled bear while so much was going on!

Wow, this is amazing!

He’s so sweet and inquisitive looking. Lots of personality in that polar bear. :heart_eyes:

Pelle is very cute and cuddly and at the same time pretty realistic, he is so amazing!
And he also reminds me that I have a started polar bear kit somewhere that I inherited from my mom and always meant to finish. Another item for the Herzliste (things I really feel I need and want to make, just for my sake).

Pelle is absolutely beautiful!

Wow! He is fantastic!!

Amazing work! I think your ambitions match up to your skill level!

Wow Anne, I saw this on FB and didn’t realize that he was articulated too! I think you totally have the bear making skills down :teddy_bear: and super cool that the company made up a kit for you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys <3

He indeed is the traditional teddy bear with moving limbs incl. the neck and head. And yes, the company was amazing! Even when there was a missing split they no questions asked send a new one right away. I can highly recommend them and their kits. If you want to dabble in teddy bears and by chance are living in Scandinavia (Im in Denmark) you can find them here: http://www.teddybearartmuseum.dk


Oh wow, I really wish I had room on my plate to dabble in anything more right now. He’s amazing!

How does one track down Steiff mohair?