Positive Affirmations swap - GALLERY!

Oh yay!! I’m so happy you like it!!

Yes! And mentally filing this idea for decorating a mini book – sweet and doesn’t look too hard for me to attempt~

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That is such a lovely journal and the card is simply gorgeous too.

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@Cyn-energy That book and card are beautiful! What great additions to the gallery!

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I received this beautiful wall hanging from @Magpie along with a nice card and some cinnamon gum!
Look at this!!!:

And a detail shot of the stitching and fabric.

Thank you so much! I adore it. :slight_smile:


Yay, the mail is being reliable! Glad you like it, turn the corners of the hanger up and they’re a good shape to take either pins or a string :wink:

so pretty! and cinnamon gum looks yummy (I’m on a cinnamon kick @ the moment)

I wanted to load up that package with chocolate but guess who doesn’t like it :pleading_face:.
I don’t know anything about gummy candy except for Lmfao at my desk hahaha!

Look at the beautiful package that came from @jemimah! It took one whole entire month to get here but it was totally worth the wait. Of course, the chocolate was gone moments after snapping this pic, haha. (it was delicious! The plum is my favourite. Or maybe the caramel, who can choose?!)

J’adore le petit oiseau arc-en-ciel, this is so very dear.

And then this painted beauty, la, I am spoiled.

Thank you so much, your parcel absolutely made my day :heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :sparkling_heart:


Those are stunning! :heart_eyes:

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Wow, these are gorgeous! Well done @jemimah!

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Beautiful work!!!

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I’m so glad you like them :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I really enjoyed painting those for you! :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:


No, no no. I love them.



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I’ve just received my beautiful hanging from @Magpie :heart: look at this fabulous piece!!

I adore everything about it, the colours, the stitching, the teeny bits of fabric (magpie is such a genius at using the smallest fragments), the wonderful hammered wire hanger, and especially all the love that has gone into making it. Thank you so very much!!


This is simply lovely!!

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Lol, package #2 has arrived. Hopefully package #1 is close behind because that one has all the CHOCOLATE! :chocolate_bar:

Since everybody has sent and received something, this swap is officially closed. Thanks everybody for a beautiful round of this most fun and uplifting exchange, you were all fabulous!


Oh my word, look what showed up at my place today.
Card, art, and my favo chocolate from NZ ~ Nommy!

And then this book. It is just the most gorgeous thing, I feel like stitching it up a little case so I can carry it around with me everywhere I go.


And the artz are glorious.

Thank you for all of these wonderful reminders @jemimah, I needed this today more than ever :purple_heart:


Wow!! :heart_eyes:

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