Positive Affirmations swap - GALLERY!

We’ve got a sender! Get ready for the positive vibes, y’all!

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Woo!!! Can’t wait to see all the positivity!

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Ooh! This will be fun!

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I received a fantastic package from @Abbeeroad today. I love everything about it!!

The card is a little bit sparkly alcohol ink print (my photo does not do it justice).

I’m so impessed - I think she had to go to some lengths to find my two favorite things (dark chocolate and peanuts) combined. These are delicious - like the best part of my favorite candy bars. They will not last long… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And finally (drumroll, please…) the piece de resistance!

This is the perfect addition to this corner of my office.

Thank you so much, @Abbeeroad !!! I love everything about this package!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yay! I’m so glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Our gallery is off to a roaring start with that gorgeous affirmation! Just lovely.


wow, so pretty!


Beautiful start! Of course, I love the scrappiness (which is an @abeeroad trademark), the sentiment and the wall hanging idea in general! Beautiful in your corner of positive things…


That’s beautiful @Abbeeroad!! gorgeous package :rainbow:


I was spoiled by @kittykill :kissing_heart:

Lots of Reese’s :heart: I don’t usually have a sweet tooth, but I loooove chocolate and peanut butter :yum: Also some teas and little Halloween stickers that I’ll share with my little guy :slight_smile:

Then there’s this gorgeous beauty! :heart_eyes:

“Here Comes The Sun” :heart:

Some of the sun rays are shimmery but I couldn’t capture it on camera… but here’s a closeup anyway :wink:

Thank you again Pam! You really brightened my week :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooh, oohoohhhoohh! That is SO pretty! Lovely stitching, serene colours, beautiful design.

If an image can capture a whole song’s feeling, this is IT! So lovely!

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That piece just SHINES!

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Wow! @kittykill, you always smash it out of the park with your stitching - so beautiful!! :heart_eyes_cat:

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You are so welcome! I am so glad you like everything! The variegated floss I dyed a few years ago and it was just too perfect for this pattern.


My package from @Kwality570 arrived today!! My reaction when I saw what she made was my hand slapped against my chest and my mouth fell open. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And this is a magnet! She also sent a variety of yummy teas that I’m going to dig right into ('Teas the season, after all), a handmade card, and a distress crayon, something I’ve been curious about but haven’t tried yet!

Plus, a Happy Mail monster who chaperoned the package safely to my house. I safely peeled him off to keep!

Feeling the best of vibes here! Thank youuuu!


OMG, I had exactly the same reaction when I saw it! Squee, that is FABULOUS!

I’m so happy it got to you so quickly! My fingers were sore for DAYS after I finished all of those little stitches, but I think it was worth it. A bit of extra brightness always helps this time of the year when the days are getting shorter.


WOW! Stitches upon stitches - a textural delight with a great affirmation. :heart:

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I received today from @kayrun, thank you so much!
A cute card, some Werther’s, extra-caffiene tea (I’ll need that extra caffeine - I’ve stayed up too late tonight getting my swaps all wrapped up and ready to go out tomorrow :grin:), and a nice decorated page with my affirmation. I love the background colors, my favorites!
Thank you!