Postcards by 5s (Inspired by Shannon Green)

I’ve been watching A LOT of Shannon Green videos on YT, a rabbit hole that started with her Journaling by 5s process. I’ll link a couple of her videos on it, but briefly, it’s a way to get out of your head and complete (or get a good start) on 20 art journal pages using a set of steps and a time limit. The phases are

  1. Paint/ink
  2. Collage/recycled material
  3. Stamps/stencils
  4. Words/images
  5. Pen/pencil
  6. Optional “free play,” which apparently has no parameters

You get 15 minutes per phase, so basically you have ~45 seconds per page per stage (except free play). The process intrigued me, but I didn’t really want to journal that way, so I decided to do postcards instead. And in lieu of proper stamps, I used bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, and styrofoam.

Here’s the full set:

A few favorites:

Voted Most Likely to Haunt Your Dreams:

Thanks for looking!

2015 video where she originally describes the process but doesn’t show it in action
2019 video where she DOES show the process and talks about adapting it


These are cool. I like the rose one best.

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I liked the Journaling by 5’s series back when it started. It’s a good, basic recipe for starting a mixed media piece.

I love that you applied it to postcards!

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These are fun! :slight_smile: Sounds like an interesting challenge! :hourglass_flowing_sand:

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Interesting process! Thanks for the links. You made some very cool cards.

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These turned out so cool! That time/piece gives me anxiety just thinking about it, though. :upside_down_face:

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Fun! Sounds like such a meditative way to art! It’s clearly working for you! :grin:

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great job! and thanks for linking the videos – this is a cool method that I think would help jump-start me, since I get bogged down in my own head so often & become paralyzed in the making!

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Thanks, everyone!

Now that I’ve done it and know what to expect, it probably would be. Parts of it were actually more on the frantic side :laughing:.

I’m not sure if I told you when it arrived, but I have your lovely postcard on my fridge, among some of my favorite LC artsy bits. I love it!

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