Practice with Repaper: Shuckle

I took advantage of a big holiday sale a bit ago and bought a Repaper, a digital drawing pad that lets you actually draw with a real paper and pencil and make a digital drawing at the same time. I’d had difficulty with digital drawing before because I wasn’t able to coordinate drawing with a stylus in one place and seeing the lines show up somewhere else, but here, I could mostly just look at my actual physical drawing! I could change texture/color etc on the screen as well, and keep drawing with just one pencil but come up with a much more colorful layered drawing! Today I just did one drawing, and there’s definitely a ton more I need to try and get used to, but I’m really happy with what I’m seeing so far!

I decided to draw the Pokémon Shuckle. Here’s my finished digital drawing:

And here’s what I actually drew on the pad to create it:

After finishing I printed out the digital drawing and then used both versions to make two sides of an ATC for my new Pokémon ATC collection (I decided on Shuckle by rolling three ten-sided dice; I got 2, 1, and 3, and so did Pokémon #213).

Here’s how that project is coming along so far!


That’s really cool

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What an interesting tool!

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