Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon ATCs

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a big long thread! I’m planning to post all the Pokémon ATCs that I collect here in this post and the comments. If anyone would like to do a private ATC trade and make me any Pokémon that has not yet been claimed or crafted, please message me any time! :slight_smile: There’s a list of Pokémon that are already taken at the end of this top post.

Anyhow, I’ll start off with the two I’ve made so far: Charmander and Psyduck!

I’ve put them in my binder along with an official Charmander card and part of a Psyduck merchandise tag, and I think they already make quite the cute, if small, collection!

Pokémon that are TAKEN (please reach out for a trade if you want to make ANY Pokémon OTHER than the ones on this list! There’s a complete list of all nearly-900 of them here!):

1: Bulbasaur
4: Charmander
7: Squirtle
25: Pikachu
35: Clefairy
39: Jigglypuff
54: Psyduck
60: Poliwag
79: Slowpoke
94: Gengar
96: Foongus
97: Amoongus
104: Cubone
129: Magikarp
151: Mew
185: Sudowoodo
213: Shuckle
300: Skitty
387: Turtwig
438: Bonsly


Oh, this project is the coolest! I love that you are making your own set of Pokémon cards featuring crocheted Pokémon. Can’t wait to see your thread grow!

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Thanks! The first two happen to be of crocheted Pokémon because that’s what I thought of first, but I’m definitely hoping to get a big variety of styles and media for this project, both by me and others via trades!


Shuckle (front and back sides, drawn with Repaper):

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What a fabulous idea!!

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I received three new Pokémon ATCs for my collection, so it just doubled! XD

Here’s Slowpoke:


And Mew:

All of these were drawn by @GeekyBookworm, and I love them!!! So colorful and cute! Thanks so much!!


Great job on these @GeekyBookworm! You are really good at this style of drawing and I love your lettering!

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What a great way to build up a collection! They are all very cute! I don’t know all of the characters but I am sure I will if I keep following this thread!

Wonderful job, @GeekyBookworm! The borders really frame your art nicely!


Three more Pokémon arrived for my collection today!! These are from the wonderful @thanate, and they are SO cute!!

Here are Gengar:


And Magikarp:

Sorry for the bad photos; they don’t do these beauties justice! I am thrilled that she chose to embroider these; it makes SUCH a contrast to the other cards already! I can tell this is gonna be such an amazing collection with these different art styles and media!


Wow, machine embroidered Pokémon? Cool! The only one I know is Magikarp…now the song is playing in my head…

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My only real pokemon experience is with the mobile game, so I had to staple on the magicarp so you can make it do the awkward flopping thing. :laughing: Enjoy!


Wonderful Sudowoodo and Bonsly cards from @Whistlefish!


Look at this amazing interactive card from @fluffypants!


Love seeing the different ones you are getting! Do you have a list that you tick off when you get them? Each one is so colorful and unique…that is some collection you will have!

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Yeah, I’m really enjoying filling up my notebook with these little works of art, and slipping official Pokémon cards in next to them if I happen to have any of the same species. There’s a list at the top of this thread of all the ones I DO have, and I have a google Doc where I’m checking them off from the whole huge list of around 900. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Darling chibi Skitty by @curiousfae:

And wonderfully nerdy Squirtle (drawn on hyphenation rules!) by @megwell:

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