Gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon ATCs

If you’re coming here looking to see what Pokémon are taken, here’s the list! As it says below, I’d like to collect any of the Pokémon that are NOT on the list below!

Pokémon that are TAKEN (please reach out for a trade if you want to make any Pokémon OTHER than the ones on this list! There’s a complete list of all nearly-900 of them here!):

1: Bulbasaur
2: Ivysaur
3: Venusaur
4: Charmander
5: Charmeleon
7: Squirtle
11: Metapod
16: Pidgey
35: Clefairy
43: Oddish
51: Dugtrio
54: Psyduck
79: Slowpoke
85: Dodrio
94: Gengar
104: Cubone
129: Magikarp
130: Gyarados
133: Eevee
149: Dragonite
151: Mew
183: Marill
185: Sudowoodo
190: Aipom
296: Espeon
213: Shuckle
225: Delibird
249: Lugia
250: Ho-Oh
276: Taillow
300: Skitty
325: Spoink
370: Luvdisc
387: Turtwig
438: Bonsly
446: Munchlax
566: Archen
569: Garbodor
580: Ducklett
603: Eelektrik
659: Bunnelby
669: Flabébé
710: Pumpkaboo
840: Applin
874: Stonjourner

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a big long thread! I’m planning to post all the Pokémon ATCs that I collect here in this post and the comments. If anyone would like to do a private ATC trade and make me any Pokémon that has not yet been claimed or crafted, please message me any time! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I’ll start off with the two I’ve made so far: Charmander and Psyduck!

I’ve put them in my binder along with an official Charmander card and part of a Psyduck merchandise tag, and I think they already make quite the cute, if small, collection!


Oh, this project is the coolest! I love that you are making your own set of Pokémon cards featuring crocheted Pokémon. Can’t wait to see your thread grow!

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Thanks! The first two happen to be of crocheted Pokémon because that’s what I thought of first, but I’m definitely hoping to get a big variety of styles and media for this project, both by me and others via trades!


Shuckle (front and back sides, drawn with Repaper):


What a fabulous idea!!

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I received three new Pokémon ATCs for my collection, so it just doubled! XD

Here’s Slowpoke:


And Mew:

All of these were drawn by @GeekyBookworm, and I love them!!! So colorful and cute! Thanks so much!!


Great job on these @GeekyBookworm! You are really good at this style of drawing and I love your lettering!

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What a great way to build up a collection! They are all very cute! I don’t know all of the characters but I am sure I will if I keep following this thread!

Wonderful job, @GeekyBookworm! The borders really frame your art nicely!


Three more Pokémon arrived for my collection today!! These are from the wonderful @thanate, and they are SO cute!!

Here are Gengar:


And Magikarp:

Sorry for the bad photos; they don’t do these beauties justice! I am thrilled that she chose to embroider these; it makes SUCH a contrast to the other cards already! I can tell this is gonna be such an amazing collection with these different art styles and media!


Wow, machine embroidered Pokémon? Cool! The only one I know is Magikarp…now the song is playing in my head…

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My only real pokemon experience is with the mobile game, so I had to staple on the magicarp so you can make it do the awkward flopping thing. :laughing: Enjoy!


Wonderful Sudowoodo and Bonsly cards from @Whistlefish!


Look at this amazing interactive card from @fluffypants!


Love seeing the different ones you are getting! Do you have a list that you tick off when you get them? Each one is so colorful and unique…that is some collection you will have!

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Yeah, I’m really enjoying filling up my notebook with these little works of art, and slipping official Pokémon cards in next to them if I happen to have any of the same species. There’s a list at the top of this thread of all the ones I DO have, and I have a google Doc where I’m checking them off from the whole huge list of around 900. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Darling chibi Skitty by @curiousfae:

And wonderfully nerdy Squirtle (drawn on hyphenation rules!) by @megwell:


I just made myself another card! Here’s Eelektrik, national Pokédex #603, and it’s my first attempt at a painted Pokémon card! It’s pictured here next to another copy of the official Pokémon card I painted over. I did this with paint pens, but wasn’t satisfied with the limited range of colors and blending, so I think I’ll try paint and brushes next time. But for a first attempt I think it’s pretty cute! I’m counting this as an Eelektrik card even though I added a little Chinchou friend. :slight_smile:


How many do you have in your collection now?

Just what’s pictured, so 17! Just… 882 to go? XD

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I made another altered Pokémon card! Here’s Applin, national Pokédex #840. This one is still with paint pens, because I haven’t had time to spread out with all my paints and brushes and stuff yet.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything, but as long as you’re here, go ahead and check out this silly video from the official Pokémon youtube (sound on!!!). It made me laugh and smile so hard!