Prairie Schooler Fall/Winter Swap Round 2 GALLERY

yes…can you scan it and email it or do you want my address?


Unsure. I have your address from the ATC swap unless you moved.

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I received from @momiemae. Such a cute little ghost!!! Thank you for this cutie.


Another cute pattern! I think they would make for the start of a fabulous Halloween bunting!


That’s an excellent idea

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The ghost was a personal favorite of mine. I am glad you like it!

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I received from @jemimah ! Seems her packages are getting here pretty quickly!

We decided to do a holiday/Christmas theme for each other. This made me happy because I got to do two different holidays!

Anyway, here is the beautifully finished piece she sent me:

I love it because it reminds me of snowy Christmases but, without the snow! ha ha

Can you believe that she was not happy with this piece so she made another one? WHAT?
Yes, it is a cardinal, which happens to be the state bird of North Carolina…and, it feels Christmassy but I also think it can be displayed year round with some of my other cardinal collectibles!

Of course, the card and little art piece are also lovely and unexpected!

Thanks for swapping with me! I love everything!


Wow! Both are really beautiful. And I think certainly the first one, maybe also the second one, is as much as @jemimah design as a Prairie Schooler design! She’s already posted a few adapted prairie schooler patterns earlier, and I’m pretty sure this one is also originally from the leaftlet with the red/white patterns? You really have an eye for colour. I love that both feel very Christmassy, but are also not particularly Christmassy at the same time. And of course, there are some nice extra’s there as well! Also very pretty, is the card painted somehow?

I’ve been a little bit under the weather this week so I’ve not really spent a lot of time looking at what others posted, but I will, today or tomorrow. I’m sure those were lovely as well.


Just found the time to scroll back again and really properly check out what everyone has stitched. Nothing better than scrolling swap galleries on a Saturday night, right?

I had for some reason not noticed that those two pumpkins came from two different people! @AIMR and @irid3sc3nt . They would look really cool next to each other though.

@kittykill is a fast stitcher, really nice! I have that pattern I think, but I haven’t stitched it yet.

@momiemae I don’t think I’ve seen either of those patterns before, the ghost or the witch. Great find! I love how simple PS patterns can be and they still feel very festive.

I really getting in the mood for Halloween now, maybe I can decorate tomorrow. I’ve got a dark oak sideboard for my craft room that I still need to get out of storage. It needs to go into my room now because I’ve got a felt Halloween house from @artsycandice that would look amazing on it, right next to my own framed PS cross stitch (from the pattern When witches go riding).


Oh, I think @AIMR has something in the works with those JoLs :smiling_face:


Wow! @irid3sc3nt I love how you turned the pumpkin’s smile upside down. So cute and well done.

@kittykill I LOVE that panel! SO many little stitches!

@momiemae I had my eye on that witch pattern too, but I opted for something smaller that would fit onto the little tread catcher basket I made for AIMR. Maybe I should make the witch one for myself. :wink:

@jemimah That little snowy scene is FABULOUS! I love the colors so very much. The little bunnies bounding along near the bottom are just too cute! The cardinal piece is stunning too,. I love the stars behind it. Your artwork that you included is also top notch, per your usual. Great package!


I keep checking back here to see if I’ve missed a post! We’re only waiting for the international mail now. I shouldn’t be so impatient, I know :laughing:


Everyone’s work is so beautiful!! I got a bit behind on commenting with being away, but I’ve been admiring everything.

I got back from my trip to Aotearoa / New Zealand late last night, and had a wonderful pile of mail to open!!

Traditional Christmas at church is a very important part of my life, so @Immaculata made me a beautiful piece with a lovely church and Christmas carol theme! It’s huge! I think I might make it into a little cushion or hanging :grinning: You can’t see it very well in the photo, but some of the threads are overdyed and have the most gorgeous colour variations.

And, she also sent me this fabulous card! this is also a piece to treasure!

Plus, a bunch of pretty festive washi tape too!

@AIMR also went with my traditional Christmas carol theme, and made this stunning piece! The colours will go brilliantly with my red, grey and white decorations, and I love how she finished it. And the sheep - it’s perfect for Christmas in Australia!!

She also spoilt me with some beautiful silk embroidery threads, so luscious …

… and, the coolest retro inspired cross stitch pattern! I can’t wait to stitch these!

Both my partners sent such gorgeous, generous, and thoughtful packages - thank you both so much!!! I love everything :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for the lovely comments! Yes, I did adapt the pattern a lot, it was originally the bottom one in this booklet, mostly red and white. I really loved the bunnies, so I put them in another one too :smile:

The church is stunning! I love the subtle changes in color on the building. The Peace dove is also beautiful…the way the background is done is just gorgeous!

I loved making the sheep, but it was such a small piece.I found the words on a different Prairie Schooler pattern and also added the border.

The pattern I sent to you is by one of my new favorite designers, Jody Rice. I bought myself the pink and fuschia version and can’t wait to stitch it up. I thought the blue and green one looked more to your style and the birds, especially, reminded me of some of your art. ha ha Realistically, I know I probably would not be able to complete two of such a large pattern, but I will try to do the one I got!


@Immaculata What a gorgeous church and the dove is stunning!

@AIMR That little lambie is tooo cute. I love the piece on the black background. Gorgeous!


I haven’t seen her designs before, they’re fab! Love the colours and the retro-inspired style. Thank you - I’m really looking forward to stitching this! :smile:

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I’m glad you like it @jemimah ! When I saw this pattern I knew it would be perfect for you. @AIMR was so kind to help me to get it! Thanks again!! Only after I sent it out, I suddenly thought “I hope she didn’t stitch the same thing…” . I’m glad she chose a different carol. A very fitting design with the sheep.

I changed nearly every colour in the pattern. I like the primitive Prairie Schooler style, but this church was too drab for me, all grey and brown. I grew up in catholic churches in Europe, which is probably as far from early American chuches as you can get. I have quite a collection of overdyed threads, many different brands, and I just picked the colours that worked together. I ran out of one colour, but everything else is from stash, including the fabric. I tried a few colours for the windows - I wanted to give the impression of stained glass windows and light inside. Like a traditional church during Midnight Mass.

I’m also a Satsuma street fan, I own several of their patterns although I’m afraid I haven’t stitched any of them yet. But I seem to remember @kittykill posted one or more finished designs? I didn’t know this pattern but this one is really lovely.


I received from @jemimah !!!

We had agreed to both stitch something larger than required for this swap, and send them unfinished. In my Q I had written that I liked animal-themed Christmas decorations, and so she picked these two for me! I really love these two. And they’re also stitched so well, seriously, the back almost looks as good as the front! What’s also a huge coincidence is that I own this pattern and had previously stitched most of animals on the pattern, but not these two. Now I just need to decide what to do with them. They’re a bit on the large side for ornaments (but not impossibly large) but I think they’d also look good framed.

And I also got some great extra’s:

A bookmark and some original Jemimah artwork. It’s so pretty, it really deserves it’s own frame. I’m not sure if it shows up in the picture but there’s some glitter in the bronze metallic pen (?). The leaves are watercolour, then some details are added in black ink (?) The contrast between the soft watercolours and the sharp lines makes it so interesting to look at.

I forgot to take a picture of it but she also included a card from where she lives - with kangaroos!

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Yay!! I’m so glad you like them. I made quite a few changes to the cat pattern, it was a fun challenge to stitch these!

Thanks for organising such an enjoyable swap @Immaculata!!