Prairie Schooler Fall/Winter Swap Round 2 GALLERY

Swap thread: Closed - Prairie Schooler Fall/Winter Swap Round 2 - Send by Sept 10th


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Yay! I get to start the gallery with this awesome piece from my partner, @Kwality570 ! Did you guys know that I got to meet this fantastic artist in July at a mini meet-up in Michigan? I was too embarrassed to ask for an autograph…lol…but seriously, this is why I admire her so much…look at the details and thought that went into this lovely cross stitch!

Bonus: it is practical and will hold my Halloween themed threads!

Thanks so much…and please do a separate post for all to see…


Oh my goodness! That is AMAZING!

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Nice work @Kwality570 ! And such a creative idea to finish it like this, I’m sure it well get a lot of use.

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I haven’t seen anything like it. So cool! Great work!

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Thank you, everyone! And just look at this marvelous piece that I received from @AIMR. Those tiny stitches. That awesome border cord, the beautiful shades of orange and green she chose! This is so absolutely stunning. I love it so very much!!! I cannot fully express my gratitude. :slight_smile:


Oh wow! That is cool and fucntional!

This is already an amazing gallery! Wow!

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These are both so cool!

@Kwality570 that is just the most fantastic little thread holder, I’m sure it will be treasured and used!

@AIMR gorgeous work on the pumpkin, and you finished it so beautifully too!


LOVE that pumpkin! So beautiful!


I wanted to wait until I received from both of my partners before I posted and I received from @irid3sc3nt today!

She sent me this adorable smiling pumpkin

@kittykill outdid herself with this amazing panel.

Thanks so much! I love them both!


@irid3sc3nt Wow…I wish I could figure out how to change a pattern! I love that you turned the scary frown into a smile! Did you make it up as you went or did you plot it out? I want to make that pattern and would love to do the mouth two ways! I think it would be fun to give to a friend of mine who is in the theater!

@kittykill lovely work…I have that pattern as well but haven’t tackled it because black thread is hard to see…your stitching is so neat!


I enlarged the pattern and figured out where I would, um, turn the frown upside down. Once it was finished, I added two extra stitches because it looked a little too blocky. I thought it was interesting how the original pattern is not symmetrical.

Your idea for your theater friend sounds like it would be very fun… tragedy and comedy, right?

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I thought it was just me that made mistakes…I did miscount on one side but I “fixed” it and it didn’t seem noticeable since it was already asymmetrical! Lucky me!

I’ll get some graph paper and see if I can figure it out…and yes, tragedy and comedy!

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Or I could send you what I did, if you want.


@momiemae I couldn’t decide which one to pick so I just did them all. LOL! It was fun stitching for you.


I totally forgot that those can be broken up into individual patterns! I might be able to handle that! Great job! It would be hard to pick…

I received from @momiemae!

Check out this witch making something in her cauldron. Something pumpkin-y!
We sent flat to each other so we can do whatever we want with the final product. I was thinking I was going to frame this, but now I kinda want it as part of a decorative pillowcase.

Thank you, momimae!


I love it! Really loving the patterns with just a few colors…simple but effective and so Halloweenie!


The Halloween Prairie Schooler patterns are all about minimalist colors. I just love all of the patterns.
Oh, did you want that pumpkin, @AIMR?