Puking rainbow cat scaft

Ok so a friend saw this on line, I bought the pattern and 2 days later (I’m still working, healthcare) this is what’s happened!


Hahahahahaha, this is so funny and oh so cute!! I love how the rainbow can be stuffed into his mouth hence the puke out part! Genius.

Thanks! I would have had it done sooner, dang work getting in the way! Now I have 5 more cats, 2 unicorns and a dragon to make. All puking rainbows!


At least the “clean up” is easy and pretty on the eye!

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What a clever scarf! So much fun…who knew animals puking rainbows could be a thing? ha ha Well done!


Wow!!! That is the craziest, most fantastic thing I have ever seen! Where did you get the pattern? I don’t crochet, but I am willing to pay or swap someone to make that for my daughter. For real, it is the most fantastic thing! I absolutely adore that bonkers, bonkers scarf.


Message me. We’ll work something out.

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This is the BEST BARFING THING in the world today!


I read your title, looked at the scarf and wondered why you hated it … then realized why you called it puking :joy:


I love this!! It’s so cute.

This is awesome! :smiley: :rainbow:

Hahaha, ADORABLE!! And I absolutely love that it wraps up into a bag!!

A dragon puking a rainbow?:rainbow::dragon::rainbow::dragon_face:
Now that I need!

Pattern link please :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Hahahahahahaha!! Oh man, that is really too funny!! :laughing:

You are still working and found time to crochet this, you are superwoman :orange_heart:

Here is the link to the cat one. I have yet to work out how I’m going to modify it for the dragon! I’ll figure something out though!!!


Thank you.

I bought it :rainbow::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

You’re very welcome. It’s such a fun pattern and a decent price point that I had to have it! Now I have a growing list to make more! Ah well at least I know what I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future while staying home between shifts.

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That’s hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh today. :rainbow:

This is so freaking amazing! It can eat the scarf

Too fun! The pattern link showed a frog too, kinda neat-o.
This dragon bag could be altered…