Pullman bread

mom got me a pullman pan, and I just had to break it in, :grinning: .

uh oh! a bit crumbly. meh, tastes good, :grin:.

just used a basic recipe, that I’ll have to tinker around with to see how I can improve it.

only thing I did differently is instead of using 1+1/2 cup milk, I used 1c. milk and 1/2 cup water.

Only thing I wish for, is more pans to make more than one, :rofl:.

1 c. milk
1/2 c. water
4 Tbls. Butter
2 Tbls. sugar
heated in a pan til 100°F, turned off stove and stirred til the butter was completely melted. by that time the temprature had gone to about 105°. Poured into the mixing bowl, which was glass and brought the temperature back down.

mix in 2+1/4 tsp yeast, and let sit for ten minutes.

mix it 4 c. flour (I used unbleached), and 1 tsp. salt.

also, I added on egg at this step.

mix for ten minutes.

cover with oil, and place into a bowl, let rise til double. (since our kitchen is awfully cold, I placed the bowl on top of a pan with hot sink water to keep it warm. next time, I’ll not do that, as that might be one reason for the crumbliness).

punch down the dough, and form into a long tube the length of the pullman pan. Place into the well greased pullman pan (or parchment paper lined, as that’s what I used). press down lightly to fill every corner and have it equal size across the entire pan.

Let set in the pan to rise, preheating the oven when it is one inch from the top. Bake at 350° for 35 minutes. (next time I’ll raise the temp a little to 375).


Never heard of pullman bread before…Your bread looks yummy though. :smile:

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Looks delicious!

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Yum! You got a beautiful golden colour on the crust.

I love those pans to make sandwich bread!

It does look like there might have been an air pocket in one of your corners…probably caused by the parchment paper. It doesn’t matter…it eats the same! lol Looks good.

I am sure with your cooking skills you will find the perfect recipe for it…in the meantime, you get to eat all of your trial and errors! lol

Yep, and I’m not sure if it was the parchment paper. Was in too big of a hurry to cut a slice, heh, to look over if there were any issues and what would have caused them. What I think I’ll do the next time is I’ll just put a strip of parchment paper from front to back (for two reasons, 1. to make it easy to pull it out, and 2. to cover the holes that the pan has on the bottom of it. Not sure what those holes are for, :no_mouth:).

As for the crumbliness, I’m wagering a part of it was from the flour, the sunbeam mixer (it’s not great), and the raising. I used too much heat and it rose way too fast. So probably didn’t have enough time for the time, moisture, and heat to cause a chemical elastic thingy to happen (I have no idea what terms to use there, HAH).

Anyhoo, i’ve got a few ideas I want to try, some time later, heh. (Hmm! I still have some whole wheat flour…Hmm??? Oooh! I have honey, too…[Stop thinking about it…You can’t eat that much any more…]).


Definitely could be too fast rising…it will cause crumbly bread…looks like you had enough liquid, just not enough time for the magic to happen!

The holes in a pullman is to get the darker crust like you see in commercial sandwich bread. It just evens out the brownness all around.


Yummmm ! Never heard of this before! But it sounds delish!

That looks tasty!

ok! second one. it’s not as crumbly, but not as uniform, and a bit holey.

Changes I made.

left out the egg.

the dry ingredients didn’t get fully incorporated til about six minutes in the mixer.

did not heat up the dough nor the pan while rising. However, it did rise at the 30 minute mark for the proofing, but left it sit for a total of one hour and 15 minutes. And after 30 minutes of rising in the pullman pan, I noticed the edges weren’t rising right (guess the extra time I put in forming for the pan was bogus, :no_mouth:), so I heated up those sides on the pan while the oven got to temperature.

baked at 375° for 35 minutes.

used only one piece of parchment paper along the long side of the pan, and greased the other two sides.

brushed butter and honey on the top before baking.

Added one tablespoon of salt.

Next changes:

I think I will continue without the egg, and increase the liquid by two tablespoons.

won’t butter the top either. it seems to give it an odd flavor,. I wonder why? hmm???

Neither will I add that much salt again…Oof, that was a bit much.

lol I wish I was there to help with your experimenting…I mean, just to eat the “failures”, ha ha!

Definitely looks better in texture! Does your butter have salt? Maybe the salt is getting burned to give an odd flavor? I don’t brush with butter until the last 10 minutes or so…could be the honey as well, crystallizing?

You could make croutons if the bread is too salty and add them to winter soups. Yum!!!

Can’t wait for your next round!

:eyes: Great googly moogly! :eyes: Your craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

I’ve never heard of Pullman bread but it does look delicious. Well done :clap: