Pumpkin House - Halloween Decor Entry 2021

I made a fun little pumpkin house to get into the spirit. I made an extra challenge to myself of only using stash on hand - no buying allowed! It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of cardboard.


So cute! Love the little bats and the ghost you added.

This is perfect. You found just the right finishing touches. Love!

Oooh! Love it! This inspires me! I might want to make a pumpkin house, myself! So cute!

It’s perfect! Were I a tiny sprite witch, I’d move right in.

I love this little house so much! All the silly proportions make me so happy!

Is that a real pumpkin?


Thanks everyone.

Yes real pumpkin!

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So cute! I’d shrink right down and cozy up in there!

Super cute. The roof is genius and I love the bats!

Ridiculously cute. The bats really do set it off. Love it!

:cowboy_hat_face: YeeeEEEE-HAW! Your handmade goodness is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fireworks:

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That’s awesome, thank you!

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So cute! Those bats are the perfect touch. Your creativity continues to astound me!

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So adorable, I love it! The flying bats are great! It’s like a fairy pumpkin cottage.

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This is so charming! And I love that you used stash. It’s the perfect little house for your ghost.


Super cute! I love the little batsies!

Thanks so much!