Punny Stenciled Flour Sack Towels

TheMisterT uses a fresh kitchen towel from the drawer whenever he bakes a boule, which is pretty much weekly. Something to do with the rising - I don’t concern myself with these kinds of details. :wink:

He’ll also use a couple of clean towels when par-boiling lasagna noodles. So I decided to make him some special towels for these projects. Two lasagna and one boule; the boule one has stencil on each end.

I kept the design to the ends so I can be sure they are food safe - plenty of room on these towels for their purpose outside of the stencil.


I had some escaped paint, because I was using too much paint and/or using a brush that I hadn’t dried thoroughly enough before using with a different color of paint. :grimacing: Oh, well. At least these aren’t for display. :woman_shrugging:


Did you tell him, or is he going to get a chuckle when he pulls one out of the drawer?


These are hilarious.

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Thanks, pals!

@gozer Oh! These are for Valentine’s Day and he has a special bread-baking tote, so they’ll go in there.


Love them all; such a fun and practical gift!

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Those are great!

I got a pack of that kind of towel just for breadmaking. Then I switched to low carb eating. Fortunately, hubster loves the towels for drying dishes, so they’re getting good use.

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Thanks, friends!

@steiconi Everyone raves about flour sack towels for household stuff, but I find their proportions so awkward! These are actually half-towels; I cut and hemmed them. They’re never even remotely square, either.

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Wonderfully personalized. The best kind of gift. :grin:


Something that he needs or will use regularly, with some sassy love thrown in? That’s a perfect gift tight there!

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Thank you, both!

@Bunny1kenobi We’re of an age that really useful gifts are often the best! And we’re of a proclivity that leans towards fun and punny!


See? Perfect gift!

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