Purple Impression Jasper & Bronzite Necklace

I received these lovely purple stone beads in my welcome goody bag at last year’s Adornments Retreat. I believe they are dyed Impression Jasper & Bronzite. I loved that the focal set was matched with a long strand of smaller beads to use with them.

I paired them with some antiqued copper spacer beads, to highlight the shades of brown and copper that fairly glow in the stone. Simple, but hopefully elegant and eye catching. Also, a nice little stash-busting project.


I’m not a fan of rectangles, but I do like how you set the three together, they fit way better than I’d they were alone. What made me go wow the first time was also the colour off the gems. All those things combined makes the necklace look great!

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Very nice … I don’t wear jewelry often but this is one I would.

Those stones are gorgeous and I love the beads you paired with them!

OOoo! I am glad I found this! I just love purple and copper together!

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