Q1 Swap ATCs

I made a handful of ATCs for swaps this winter/spring that I’m just now getting around to posting. (But the procrastination has worked out in my benefit, because site challenge!)

Three were for @Reinikka for the Invite Your Partner 2023 Swap. For her found poetry theme:

This comes from the game Phrazle, which is like Wordle but with a phrase. My usual strategy is to try to form words using as many different letters as possible to see what hits. Sometimes I get results like this (and other times they sound like I’m having some sort of episode.)

This one was for her song lyrics/Queen theme. Less of a story here, but if you saw my post in the Snapshot thread with a bunch of magazine words laid out on an ATC, that became this.

For her waterways theme, I altered a Niagara Falls postcard @Cindy sent me from her dad’s passed down stash. You can’t really tell in the photo, but the pen I used to outline the main building is metallic, so there’s a bit of shine.

This one was for @Juju in the March Ongoing ATC Swap. She has a storybook theme, so I made a card for “Stone Soup,” which I’ve always liked because the guy tricks people into helping him :laughing: . (We love a little reverse psychology in my family.)

Thanks for looking!


All these are so cool! Love them all, but that duck and the altered postcard are extra special.

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Great ATCs! The duckling is my favorite!

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There’s a lot of great stuff here! I’m glad you decided to share!

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Fantastic! I love the duckling of the runes so much!

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Thanks, everyone! I shouldn’t pick favorites, but I admit I have a soft spot for the duckling.

I realized too late that I can’t actually draw very many vegetables recognizably, so thank you for saying that :laughing:.

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Haha…love the story behind the duckling phrase. My fave of this bunch though has got to be the altered postcard. So cool!

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