Quick and easy chemise/peasant blouse for costumes or just fun! May 2020 Fashion Contest Entry

I needed a quick chemise for a costume several years ago and had a very busy schedule. So in the middle of the night, I had a brainstorm…
PS: Click on the full picture of the costume to see the chemise.
\ 352x480

Step 1: Take a large or extra-large men’s white t-shirt. It is knit, not cotton or linen so not very authentic, but oh-so-comfy and quick.
\ 480x400
Step 2: Cut a wide neckline and a slash in the front.
\ 480x337
Step 3: Sew a channel for a drawstring. I just folded over about 3/4" and stitched. The knit fabric is stretchy and since you are going to gather anyway, any bobbles will be hidden. You could also use wide seam binding to create the channel
\ 480x255
Step 4: I then sewed some lace to the inside of the neck and sleeves, just peeking over the edge. I only had short lengths of leftover lace, so I must have used 3-4 different kinds of white lace…hey, it’s a costume.
\ 352x480
Step 5: Thread a ribbon through the channel, gather, and tie. For the sleeves I cut a hole on the inside of the sleeve hem on each side of the underarm seam and threaded elastic, safety pinned it and voila! puffy sleeves.


Clever!! I would wear that as a regular top! I love the wonky use of different laces…and gathers cover a myriad of imperfections…nice!

And it’s comfy. It would make a great shortie nightgown too.

It looks comfy! I would definitely wear something like this

Very clever! I think I could actually do something like this.

I absolutely need to do this! A chemise is the final necessary piece of my colonial costume (the one in my profile photo was borrowed) and I’ve been putting it off. I was told it is easy, but this is even easier! I’ll still have to make an authentic one, but this will work for various purposes.

Great idea!

I love costuming. You look great!

Such a great idea for a last-minute piece to add to a costume. And that it’s super comfy is top notch!

Love it. I’m going to have to try it out. :smiley:

This is an Awesome & comfortable! Love your costume!! Great JOb!!:sparkling_heart::clap::+1: