Teach Us Your Fashion - Tutorial Contest

As crafters we’re always hungry to learn something new. So this month’s challenge is for YOU to teach us something. Post a tutorial of any project that qualifies for the Fashion board (costume, accessory, jewelry, bag, clothes, etc). Let’s learn something new!

:scissors: :purse: :tshirt: :handbag: :dress: :crown: :thread: :pencil2: :tophat: :scissors: :purse: :tshirt: :womans_hat: :dancer: :yarn: :scarf: :gloves: :ring: :crayon: :safety_pin: :scissors: :handbag: :dress: :crown: :scissors: :thread: :pencil2: :tophat:

The Rules:

  • Post a tutorial for a project that falls under the classification of the Fashion board.
  • This tutorial post must include pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the project.
  • You are allowed to make a tutorial about a component of a larger project (i.e. how to modify your skirts to have pockets!).
  • Each member may only submit one entry, which cannot already be posted on its own thread.
  • Additionally, your entry may not be submitted for any other contest in this community.
  • All entries must be posted by midnight on June 14th.

The winner of the Fashion Tutorial Challenge will receive a $25 gift card to Etsy!

Additional Details:

  • You should submit your entry by creating a project post on the Completed Projects sub-board.
  • You are REQUIRED to have a descriptive title and then include “- May 2020 Fashion Contest Entry” (example: Suzie’s Tshirt Skirt - May 2020 Fashion Contest Entry). Once you have posted your submission, you need to reply to this thread with a link to your post. If you do not do this, your entry will not be considered.
  • Voting will happen on June 15th - 21st.
  • The winner will be announced on June 22nd - we will contact you via Private Message, after the announcement.
  • If cheating of any sort is discovered, the applicable entry and votes will be disqualified.

If you have any questions, or want to chat about your crafting progress for this challenge, post it here! Let’s have fun!

:scissors: :purse: :tshirt: :handbag: :dress: :crown: :thread: :pencil2: :tophat: :scissors: :purse: :tshirt: :womans_hat: :dancer: :yarn: :scarf: :gloves: :ring: :crayon: :safety_pin: :scissors: :handbag: :dress: :crown: :scissors: :thread: :pencil2: :tophat:


Quick and Easy Chemise Peasant Blouse for Costumes or Just Fun

MistressJennie’s Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

T-Shirt Stencil in a Pinch

Rlynn’s buggy shrinky dink jewelry tutorial

Clothesline Necklace Tutorial


How fun! Can’t wait to be schooled by some Lettuce Crafters! :laughing:


Brilliant! Share your tutorials!

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Oooohhhh, awesome idea for a Challenge!

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Thanks! I think it should be fun. I always love learning a new craft :smiley:

Here’s my entry. I don’t make many clothes these days, mostly try to refashion something…sometimes successfully, sometimes not. I do costumes though, again mostly out of old clothes, curtains, thrift shop finds, bargain bins.


Great project! I’m definitely bookmarking for future costume experiments. :slight_smile:

Just posted my entry!


This is awesome! There’s so many small tips and tricks I never knew of - thank you for sharing!

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Here’s my entry!


Great tute! The step-by-step instructions are very thorough, thanks for sharing!

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I posted my entry. :smiley:


Thanks for entering! I’m excited to see your process in making these awesome wearable critters :smiley:

Here’s my entry! Phew!


Awesome tutorial! If only we could all have a Mr. Road to make us custom beads, etc :heart: Love the teamwork.