Quick & Dirty Pressing Pad from Scraps

I have been procrastinating on replacing my ironing board pad and then suddenly (not actually suddenly) it was time to apply a bunch of fusible interfacing. D’oh! Instead of drIving 50 miles round trip to a store where I could buy one or wait a few days until one could be delivered, I decided to dig out my Insulbrite scraps and cobble a small pressing pad together!

It’s not a great long term solution, but these two pieces worked just fine for my current project with minimal trimming or other fuss/muss - just a bit of extra wide zigzag stitch. YEY!



Good impromptu solution!

Ugh…I also need a new iron board cover…I have been using a small tabletop one that is working for big projects~


Oh, I will cry the day I need a new ironing board cover. The one I am using now was made for me in an Instagram mashup swap (Doctor Who and BigBangTheory) and it has some paper pieced elements and is super awesome!

I love your solution!


Thank you!

@AIMR I remember using one of those tabletop models!

@Lynx2Lancer - Oh, I am not replacing the cover which I like a lot and made a few years back. Just the pad under it!


Oh, silly me. I did read that!

Yeah, I need a better pad for mine, too. Right now I am just using old swimming towels.

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Well, that’s an excellent solution! And it didn’t even occur to me.


That stuff is the best for an ironing pad! You just reminded me that I used it to make a couple of them a while ago. I press on it often even though I have a regular sized board and a table top. It’s just such a handy surface!

Well, I just popped over to your link and yours are the opposite of “quick & dirty”! I do think that I will get more of the stuff at the next sale or with a good coupon and make my own ironing board pad after looking around at them online.

when I moved into my current house and didn’t have a convenient spot to store an ironing board I bought an ironing mat to put on my dryer. it has magnets in it to keep it in place and looks just like this material.

At the time I had no idea I could but the stuff and make my own.