Quilt-along 2021

I do, but it is in Dutch so I’m not sure if it’s of much use - Quiltzusjes Boxen bestellen - Quiltshop Vlijtig Liesje. The authors both own quiltshops in NL, they call themselves the quilting sisters.


That sounds like fun. What a great gift to yourself!

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I received the first two boxes (to save on shipping) but I’ve only opened the first box so far.

The first impression was already really good, they’ve paid great attention to detail. It’s wrapped in blue tissue paper like a proper gift and with the first box you get a custom designed binder.

The first box is about hand sewing since that’s how it all started. You get maybe two dozen pages with tons of pictures that explain all the techniques. Then for the kit, they have based it on an antique quilt in their collection and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (6 pointed star). I even already have the paper pieces. They give you a bunch of fabrics in a kit to choose from but completely let you do your own thing. There are no suggested colour combinations etc. They’ve picked a pattern and fabrics and after that it’s up to your own creativity. They say the fabrics they provide should be enough for a 50x50cm project but I think you can easily get more out of it. Plus if you want to make it bigger you can do just raid your own stash.

It’s all easy enough for someone who is pretty new to quilting, but it’s interesting for someone who is more experienced, too. A lot of experienced quilters have never done EPP. I’ve done quite a lot of it actually, but I’m still excited about starting this project in the new year.

This is the antique quilt, it’s American and from the 20s/30s.

This is the kit, whites are on the other side.


That is a really nice collection of fabrics


I finished the lap quilt I started last winter. I had embroidered 2021 on it so had to finish…2022 is so close. I’ll post soon.

But it’s time to start on the porch quilts for cool evenings. I haven’t decided on the sashing yet, but I do have the backing. And the layout keeps shifting. I may just close my eyes and let the squares fall where they want to.

And the new one. I’m off to post it to its own post.


-I MistressJennie offer Candle Mat for my small challenge entry.

-I MistressJennie offer Christmas Tree Wall Quilt for my medium challenge entry.

-I MistressJennie offer Christmas Placemats for my large challenge entry.


Those are all really beautiful




I don’t think this falls under any prompts so it’s not an entry, just wanted to share something I’ve quilted in the last few months


I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I’m just wondering if we’ll be doing another round of this very lovely Craftalong for 2022?


Yes, we plan to, and the awesome @AudiobookLover will take the lead.

Do we want a block of the month again? Thoughts? I know many of us lost steam on it.

What did you like most about the quiltalong? Keep or trim down the prompts/challenges/BOM?


I’m really glad we’re doing it again next year. I started on the BOM, but intend to finish the 2021 ones, so I’d be glad to see 2022 BOMs


I’d love to see BOM’s come back. Perhaps with partial credit if they are done outside the specified month. Like 2 points if done on time, and 1 point if done late. That might give folks incentive to catch up if they fall behind.

And maybe a ‘free spot’ category to post finished items that don’t match the prompts or challenges. Like if your project just doesn’t fit any of the categories, you could still get credit for doing and posting it.


@MistressJennie, I like those ideas!

Does anybody else have thoughts or suggestions for proceeding in the new year? Any prompt or challenge ideas?

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Those are great ideas!

Do peope like the BOM style we did, or any ideas for one for next year?

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I really liked the BOM but as someone who hasn’t done a lot of complicated blocks before, it was hard! Way more difficult than I expected. That’s a good thing because I learned a lot from you all, but it meant that I took 3 nights or so to finish the January block in the “good” fabric. Then in Feb I started an intensive course for work and you can guess what happened next…

The past 1,5 weeks have been my first time off since last Christmas and I have a few more things to catch up on before I can go back to last year’s BOM. I really do love the BOM’s because we’re all doing a complicated block together, but I already know next year I also won’t be able to finish a block every month. So I’d love a BOM next year, too, but realistically I’ll always be dropping in and out.

I have to say over this year I learned more about the technical side of quilting from all of you than I’ve learned in the past 15 years of making pretty basic, simple quilts. So thank you all for that!!


I really enjoyed 2021’s BOM, learned so much. But I’m not sure what I would end up making with 12 or more BOMs. All the grands have their quilts, we have enough lap robes for guests or for doubling up.

But I loved making new blocks. Maybe I need to make one for a donation!


You could also do something like make potholders with them, or wall quilts.


Yes! I made little coaster style rugs with some of my blocks from this year.


So cute!