Christmas & Winter Reversible Placemats

I decided I wanted a few new festive holiday decorations around the house this year, and started looking around for quilting patterns online. (I love decorations you can just put out in under a minute. Not spend 4 hours dragging boxes down, and putting things up with a ladder!)

I saw this pattern for a table runner, and loved the blocks in it, but I don’t really love table runners. I prefer placemats. So I made up 4 of the blocks in the runner, and turned them into placemats instead!

The blocks weren’t especially difficult, but I would call them a bit fussy. I had to stretch and press and fudge the components to fit together into a finished block, and I don’t think I’d bother to make them again. (Unless I found out the name of the block, and could find a better tutorial for making them. The blogger with the pattern didn’t say what the block name was.) I think the green turned out better. The higher contrast between dark and light greens made the knotwork pattern show up better. But the red are still fun and festive.

I added simple borders of red and green, to make them a good size for placemats. (The blocks were 10" on their own.) I didn’t know what to use for backing, as I hadn’t bought enough of the Christmas prints to use any of those. So I dug through my stash and found some blue, with gold shimmer, and white snowflakes on it. I figured that might make for a nice reversible design, that could be used longer into the winter. The photo makes them look a bit mismatched, but in reality, the gold shimmer matches the binding pretty well.

And all laid out on the dining table, with candles and a lantern. Fun, festive, and not too fussy.


Ooh, they are lovely! Just beautiful. I am so inspired to make some place mats for next year, whilst still in a holiday spirit. I do have plenty of fabric to choose from, lol.
Nice work Jennie, very festive.


Festive and cozy on both sides! I love the idea of making the backs with a print with a longer usable time!


I love them, and appreciate that they are reversible. Very festive!


So festive and I love that they’re reversible depending on the mood!

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These are gorgeous and I love the snowflake fabric on the back!

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I like the block pattern! You’d never know from the pics that it gave you any trouble. That cream snowflake background works perfectly with all your fabric choices!

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These turned out beautifully!

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