Quilt-along 2021

@PrincessP that quilt if looking awesome, the platypus piece is awesome.

I’m doing more scrap busting today. Today it was the pink collection’s turn.

I had a lot of pink!


You are a machine!!

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Did you buy online and ask for coordinating recommendations? I love your fabric choices and am really looking forward to seeing how you use them in the various blocks!

@Edel, you really are super impressive! I even used your name as a verb recently, as in ‘do an Edel and quickly knock out a bunch of quilts!’


This is fantastic! I needed that laugh!


Yes, I bought it from the local quilt shop, but online. They offer it as a service now - non-essential stores have been closed for a while in here. It’s a brilliant idea, I expect a lot customers are hesitant about buying fabric online when they are used to buying them from the shop. They stock the full line of grunge fabrics so they have matching solids to almost all fabrics.


:joy: that’s hilarious

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Oh, this is a gorgeous combination. :heart_eyes:

I like these, how do you put these blocks together?
Do you measure or just put the scrappies together then work it out from there?

I cut a 9" sq base of the white fabric, which will show in the finished quilt. I figured it would be a time saving step instead of making strip triangles on a foundation fabric( I don’t like using paper) trimming them into a triangle and then sewing them to a white triangle, to make the square.

Then the first colour strip was sewn right side down, across the diagonal, flipped and pressed, and then repeated. I didn’t measure anything, I just have a bundle of scrap strips and try and get ones that sorta fit, occasionally I might have to join a few strips to make longer ones. I press each strip down when I flip it, before I sew the next. But if you’ve got a load of base fabrics, you can chain piece them, which makes it go fast.

Once they are all sewn then I trim them. This is the most satisfying step, they go from raggedy blocks into lovely ones and then you can play with arranging them.

If that’s not making sense, let me know and I’ll take photos when I do my next colour ones. I still have to go through all my red, green and blue scraps


OMG, way smaller but I have a bunch of white squares cut that didn’t get used for a project, and a bunch of scraps… motivation needed here to progress.

But this sounds nice and easy and no technical measuring…

ALL: Feel free to kick my butt over coming weeks to motivate me.

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It’s really easy, I was listening to Stephen fry read Harry potter while I was zooming through the sewing, no real thinking needed.


This mornings work while being a part of the zoom meet up :slight_smile: 10 more Christmas economy blocks


Oh, I missed that that was what you were doing! These are very cute and so cheery! What makes them “economy?”

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That’s just the name of the block if you were to google the pattern. Perhaps it’s because there’s not much fabric waste when you make them? Which is definitely my style of sewing :yum:


Gotcha! I’m not hip to all the cool quilter’s lingo. :wink:


Such a lovely idea…and a nice way to get different fabrics without having to by little bits of limited patterns, etc! I love the Aussie characters in your fabrics…I don’t think I have seen much of that here in the USA…

I got a rotary blade sharpener for Christmas. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m hoping it will extend the blade life a little bit!


What a clever idea! I’ve seen the strip blocks made on a foundation piece (both muslin and paper versions), but you’ve essentially cut out the middleman to make it a more efficient task!

I hope it’s ok to share this like here with my quilting dedicated friends :slight_smile:

In search of Christmas themed quilting fabric

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I’m always looking for the shortcuts. There is a bit of a tradeoff in absolute squareness of the finished block, but they can be effectively squared down by trimming, and I am never after perfection in my quilts-just completion.