Quilt-along 2021

Perfect use! Love the colors and, as everyone has said, each piece will improve skills but can still be loved!


This is stunning Alex! Truly. I’m so proud of you.

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Mountain blocks fabrics:


@Whistlefish that is gorgeous

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This is absolutely gorgeous!

I spent the whole night playing with my new toy, my massive cutting mat! I spent the whole night making flying geese for the BOM and they’re still not good enough.

First I figured out the seam allowance thing. Turns out the 1/4 inch foot can do 1/4 and 1/3 and I picked the wrong one. That was solved quickly. But they still end up a bit too narrow.

Attempt #1, 1/2" too narrow, so I finished them into a block for the Farmer’s Wife quilt

Attempt #2, flying geese were exactly the size they should have been but the middle piece is weird. Another one for the Farmer’s Wife pile.

Will try again tomorrow!


Practice runs are definitely a good idea. I feel frustrated when I run into issues, but satisfied when I figure out the cause of the issue. I have learned sooo much by making many mistakes :laughing:. I hope the third time’s the charm for you!

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They are really coming along, maybe have a look at this video, good ironing technique really helps get the blocks square. https://youtu.be/GI4Q22GdcOE

Plus those triangles have bias sides and they are very stretchy. So you’ve to be really careful to not stretch as you sew. Even then you can get distortion, once they are they will look great.


Thanks! Will try that out tomorrow. I always try to avoid triangles as much as I can.

I was planning to make my January block this weekend, but now I’m a little anxious about it! I am hoping to be crafting at a friend’s house, and she’s got some mad piecing skills, so at least I can turn to her when I run into trouble!


The first time I made the sawtooth star using this pattern, I accidentally reversed my flying geese fabrics. After that, I renamed the units with names that made more sense to me and labeled the diagram on the bottom of the printout.

This helped me get the fabrics correct when we did the star as the BOM this month.


Great idea…I drew arrows as well to know what fabrics were the same…I can’t see geese and sky, it seems…lol


Inspired by all you lovely people I’ve been lurking the quilting subreddit and someone had posted this link…holy moly! It’s like the mother lode of free block patterns!


Grab a cup of something nice and warm while you peruse! You might be there a while.


I practiced a bit more and my flying geese succes rate is now about 66%.

I think it’s time to get my good fabrics out and start the BOM. I can always make a few extra if the first batch isn’t perfect.


I have that site bookmarked…there are so many beautiful blocks…I was really challenged by @kbrison when she asked for star blocks…I believe I made her over 20 different star blocks over all the times we swapped…and there were tons more!!! Thanks for a nice way to spend drinking my morning coffee…


OH MY! There went any chance of real work today. Glad the coffee is still hot. Thank you!


I made it to about page 22 before I was like…yea, I should do something with my morning. :joy:


@Whistlefish that site is amazing.

I came across another one with a load of free FPP patterns wombatquilts.com they have so many stars, I may have printed out a lot of them last night.

I also found this really cute online fabric shop, it’s in Alaska, they don’t have a huge range, but it’s all Alaskan themed sheshedFabric.com


I made my first mountain block. There is lots of room for improvement and made several mistakes reading the pattern colors. I left one of the mountain colors alone, but fixed the other where I put white but it needed to be blue.

It’s a good start, and once it’s part of the vigger picture, it will be okay.


This is beautiful!!

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Ok, so this is essentially how I can incorporate the mountain block into this Kanaskis pattern. I can move around the block color combos, too, for more fun.