Quilt-along 2021

Looking really good!

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I love those mountains! So Cool!

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That’s my all time favourite site for blocks! My upcoming BOM is from there.


It’s going to look so cool when it’s finished!!!

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Thanks for that tip! I’m going to download your photo so I have it on hand tomorrow!

And, @AIMR, are the geese the center triangles, or the corner triangles?

ETA: Never mind- I just looked at the image up close! I had always thought it was the center triangle, but when I looked at the grey and white image, it looked like the corner triangles made the wings of the geese! Or, of one goose… So I guess the center triangle represents the V formation that geese fly in? I’m gonna go with that :slight_smile:

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Perfect blending of the two patterns. I like the shades from white to dark. And those mountains! I need to get to the rockies or grand tetons again. New England’s idea of a mountain is quite funny.

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LOL! Someone laughed at me when I mentioned the Appalachian Mountains, and I was a bit insulted. But, they’re a much older mountain chain, so they’re much more weathered and eroded than the more majestic mountain ranges to the west. So, I still love them :laughing:


@marionberries I know what you mean! I grew up in Alaska with “real” mountains. :slight_smile:

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@Lynx2Lancerand I grew up in Nebraska with no mountains!. But we vacationed in the Rockies and I lived for 25 years in Oregon in sight of Mt Hood and other mountains. So mountain blocks are wonderful.


My husband grew up on the East Coast…I remember the first time we went out West…he nearly cried when he saw his first snow capped mountain…he was just overcome at how majestic and incredibly beautiful it was.

Glad to see another crafting “saga”… sometimes the process is more exciting for me than the end project…to see it all come to fruition…fabulous!


When I was reading a quilting magazine the other day, I was reminded of our discussion on quilt panels. There was an interesting article discussing panels. It explained why panels so often seem to be distorted so that the designs aren’t exactly square and was overall very informative. It also had an easy ‘formula’ to create quilts with panels. It includes pieced blocks on the left, the panel on the right and borders all around (pic below). If anyone is interested this is the magazine issue - the link is to the digital version in case anyone outside the US is interested (I don’t know if they ship outside the states, but if they do the price would probably be more than the magazine). The paper version is also available online and it should still be available in stores as well.

Here’s the pattern for the panel quilt (though it looks like it’s cheaper just to buy the magazine, which has the pattern in it). I like that you can change out the pieced blocks on the left to change up the look of the quilt.


@Lynx2Lancer that’s a gorgeous block!

I’m reminding myself today why I don’t do much FPP. Half of this star done and I think I’ve ripped out at least 10 seams already. And I don’t like the look of the bottom right. Might have to do something with that.


Looks interesting! I have a hospital appointment on Monday and I was going to type “I’ll check the bookshop close to the hospital to see if they have it”… but then I realized it’s closed. Books are not essential. Unlike liquor, tobacco and even cannabis :frowning:

Working on the final version of the BOM and looks like it’s going to work this time!

Honestly, if I didn’t have a deadline and some really nice fabric for the BOM sampler, then I probably would have given up. So thanks for organizing this challenge, I gained some new quilting skills.


That is gorgeous. I love the positioning of the bird in the centre

I finished the star block (lone starburst by Anna Cohen) I love it, but I’d say I’ve ripped at least 14 seams making this. I won’t be making a full quilt of these! I’d have a quilt 1/4 pieced in the time it took to make this one.


It is beautiful and could just be a focal point with much easier blocks…I am with you…the amount of time spent if your goal is to get a finished quilt is not worth doing an entire quilt of these…it would also make a lovely cushion cover!


It’s beautiful Edel! I second Linda’s idea of a pillow cover. Or maybe a tote bag?

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I @Immaculata submit this as my January BOM entry

It’s already getting a bit dark in here, the background is grey not pink-ish. The other colours look fairly accurate.

I’m so pleased with it. I did not use my seam ripper once making this because I’d made so many practice blocks already. None of the points were beheaded! And I really love how the bird in the center worked out. The 1/4" foot from @AIMR, the youtube link from @Edel and my new massive cutting mat were all really helpful.

Edel, that block looks very fiddly but the result is absolutely worth it! I think it would look great as a centerpiece in a scrappy quilt.


@AudiobookLover That is quite a lovely way to display a panel. I really love that puffin panel, too. Quite striking. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing the pattern you found.

@Immaculata What I really like about the BOM idea is everyone follows the same block and they turn out so differently! Yours is definitely a case in point in that. Using the blue for the corner blocks make it look more like an “x” or “plus sign” to me than a star, but since I know it’s a star, I can see that, too. I love the fussy cut bird in the middle. This is just fantastic.

@Edel That star is really just so gorgeous. It makes me think of stained glass! I know piecing my mountain blocks is time consuming and my seam ripper was my friend for that, too, so I understand how grateful I was to just had simple larger blocks around, so the mountain block stands out.

How long did it take you to make?

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I had the same thought! I love seeing the same quilts and blocks done with different fabrics because they can come out so different from each other that it’s hard to believe they were made with the same exact pattern. @Immaculata, your block looks great!!


I did another scrappy FPP star, this was a lot easier and I got to use some of my leaders and enders.

I’m thinking of maybe making something like this, all different stars. https://pin.it/3FgxHnD

But I’m not sure, I think these quilts really work because of heavy quilting on the plain bits. And I don’t like FM quilting. Hmmm maybe I’ll make a few more stars and decide. I like @AIMR and @MistressJennie suggestions for cushion covers or a tote.