Quiltalong - 2022

And to think they were actually accidents! Just HSTs that ended up too small. And because so many of them ended up too small, the whole quilt top ended up too small. The border is 7,5" wide, it’s a good size now but without to border it was too small.

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I really like the addition of the pinwheels! Great call on how to use those extra HSTs!

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Shoot! I knew we were in a new month, but I just realized I’ve forgotten to put up a new prompt. I will definitely get on that and add it today!

I will also choose a winner for the quarterly drawing. Please check this link to make sure I’ve noted all your entries, I will do the drawing on Thursday to give everyone time to check.


The back is finally done…now to clear up the Legos from the floor so I can lay it out.

I also cut the novelty fabrics for four economy quilts while I was procrastinating finishing the quilt back. Then, cut up the scraps from that into about a hundred 3.5" squares for my scrap quilt, and organized the rest of the crumbs/strips.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


-I marionberries submit this as my *** April BOM*** entry. It’s bright, but it fits into my Rainbow theme for this year’s BOM. But it says “May” to me, not April, so the May BOM will be switched for April in the quilt. Has anyone submitted a May BOM pattern?

-I marionberries offer Felix’s Quilt for my large personal finish. This is the final quilt from last year’s BOM and extra blocks. I really love how they turned out, so fun and cuddly. We are well stocked for cool nights on the porch.

And for fun, Oskar’s Quilt the other half of the blocks.


@marionberries, your April block is so springy! Also, I love your use of various fabrics in the creation of your BOM quilt! That pumpkin looks so good - how did you do the little trailing vine on it?

Thank you for the reminder! I need to add the May and August blocks that you nominated for the BOM.

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I love the green and pink together! And your BOM quilt is adorable.

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The vine was just embroidery.

And thank you everyone


It’s a few day’s late, but here is this month’s prompt:

April Prompt
Start a new project:
With so many new projects being added to to-do lists, what better time to start a new project than now? We want to see your newest project as you bring it to life! Post a picture of your first quilt block, or even just all the fabric you’ve cut for your latest venture. Stop procrastinating and start creating, we can’t wait to see what you’re working on!


This is timely. :joy: I just started cutting for four quilts. ADHD makes starting easy enough, it’s the finishing that gets me.


Last year I bought some fabric to make a quilt for me! Maybe this is the month to start it. @tendstowardschaos I wish I was a little more like that! I can take a long time planning projects before actually starting them. I do eventually start and finish things, it just always takes me ages.

I also want to start a second baby quilt once I’ve finished the rainbow one. But that baby isn’t due until September so I’ll have some time to plan.


I have a bit of both issues going on. It takes me forever to plan and start a project, but then it also takes me forever to finish the project too, lol :laughing:. I have three quilts that were quilted last year. I just need to attach the labels (2 of which are made and ready to go) and binding. They are this close :ok_hand: to being finished, but they continue to sit unfinished as new and fun projects draw away my attention :roll_eyes:, lol.

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@tendstowardschaos, you’re cutting fabric for four quilts!? Sounds like quite the undertaking!

@Immaculata, I hope you do start the quilt for yourself! Do you already have a pattern chosen out?

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All four are the same pattern and I’m working from the same pile of novelty fabrics. It made sense to cut it all at once. Plus, they’re for my grandnephews, and I’d like to ship them all off together.


I did some work on my scrap quilt the past couple days. The scraps were piling up. I added 12 crumb blocks to the pile, and I’m up to thirty 9" scrap blocks and about 120-ish 3.5" squares. My scrap pile doesn’t look any smaller. :person_shrugging:


:tada: Congratulations to @marionberries, our first quarter winner! :tada:

I don’t know how you did it marionberries, but you managed to accomplish quite a bit in the past three months! You are definitely an inspiration!


As of the start of this month, we have now entered into the second quarter, which means a new challenge!

Quarter 2 Challenge
(April 1 - June 30)
Finish your UFOs:

You know that project that you started, but ended up setting aside in favor of working on something else? Or the one that you wanted to have done before Christmas, but as the Christmas season got more hectic, you decided you’d have to finish it another time? Well, it’s time for those projects to shine! Finish your unfinished projects this quarter. Normally, an unfinished project would be categorized as one you’ve already started, but for this challenge, we will also count projects in which you already bought the fabric and/or pattern with a plan in mind, but haven’t had a chance to work on yet. It’s time for those projects to come out of their storage spaces and see the light of day!


Thank you @AudiobookLover. I get antsy when it’s cold out and don’t have a project.

@tendstowardschaos wow. And a scrap pile is like dirty laundry, always a big pile. Great work on the scrappy squares, they are wild!


Ah! Love those scrap blocks @tendstowardschaos!!

Congrats @marionberries! :raised_hands: