Quiltalong - 2022

Let’s keep the quiltalong going! Welcome to our cozy space for all things quilt related! This is a place for quilters of all skill levels to gather! Whether you like to quilt blankets, art quilts, bags, or whatever, this is the place for you.

Besides sharing your quilting journey, we will have fun prompts, challenges, and Blocks of the Month, with a chance to win prizes by participating! Prizes will range from Amazon/Etsy gift card to a quilting supply. The more tickets you earn, the better your chance of winning the quarterly challenge prize! These will be offered by AudiobookLover and Lynx2Lancer.

Prompts: Each month there will be an inspirational prompt. When you complete a prompt, you will be given a ticket into our quarterly prize drawing.

Challenges: Every quarter (every 3 months) we will host a challenge. You can enter one item of each size (small, medium, or large) to earn tickets for the challenge. You can participate in the challenges even if you do not complete final quilting yourself, but your quilt top is complete. You can enter a quilt top/pieced mini quilt as a challenge entry even if you have not finished the project. If you want to wait and count it as a larger (time wise) challenge, that works too.

Personal Finish: Why be limited by the prompts and challenges? Any finish deserves to be celebrated. Each quarter, you can enter one item of each size (small, medium, or large) to earn tickets.

Project Sizes
Small: Something that takes you less than 10 hours to sew and quilt. (1 ticket)
Medium: Something that takes you 10-20 hours to sew and quilt. (2 tickets)
Large: Something that takes you 20 or more hours to sew and quilt. (3 tickets)

Group Nominated Block of the Month: Each month we will have a quilt block nominated by a group member that you can make with your own fabric choices. The goal is that if you complete one block each month, by December you will have enough to make a nice sized quilt top to show off to the group. You get 2 tickets per month to our prize drawing, for completing a BOM during the month it is hosted and 1 ticket per monthly block completed outside of the month it is hosted (ie. if you complete the March block during the month of March, you get 2 tickets. If you complete the March block during a different month, you get 1 ticket).

How to Post an Entry: To enter a Prompt, Challenge, Personal Finish, or BOM project for a ticket entry, please use the appropriate header below, at the start of your post:
-I your name , offer your item for month’s prompt
-I your name offer your item for my small/medium/large (pick one) challenge entry.
-I your name offer your item for my small/medium/large (pick one) personal finish.
-I your name submit this as my (late/current) (BOM month) BOM entry.


Helpful Notions/Tools
Helpful Links


Quarter 1 Challenge
(January 1 - March 31)
New year, new skill:
Challenge your skills and try a new technique/style (paper piecing, collage, art quilt). If there’s something new you’ve been wanting to try, now’s the time!

Quarter 2 Challenge
(April 1 - June 30)
Finish your UFOs:
You know that project that you started, but ended up setting aside in favor of working on something else? Or the one that you wanted to have done before Christmas, but as the Christmas season got more hectic, you decided you’d have to finish it another time? Well, it’s time for those projects to shine! Finish your unfinished projects this quarter. Normally, an unfinished project would be categorized as one you’ve already started, but for this challenge, we will also count projects in which you already bought the fabric and/or pattern with a plan in mind, but haven’t had a chance to work on yet. It’s time for those projects to come out of their storage spaces and see the light of day!

Quarter 3 Challenge
(July 1 - September 30)
Quilt with Scraps:
Gather up your quilt scraps or create some for this challenge, use them to quilt something scrappy and fun!

Quarter 4 Challenge
(October 1 - December 31)
Finish your 2022 WIPs:
Remember that project you started back at the beginning of the year, but never got around to finishing? Now is it’s time to see the light of day again! What better way to end the year than with a pile of finished projects? Complete your 2022 works in progress. In order to be eligible for this challenge, your quilted project needs to be something that you either started or worked on sometime this year. It can either be a project that you are currently working on, or one that you previously set aside. Let’s make room for fun, new projects in 2023!

January Prompt
Be inspired by the beauty around you:
Colors, patterns, textures - beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. Quilt something based on what you see in your surroundings. Whether it’s a quilt based on a tile pattern on the floor of your favorite restaurant or a placemat inspired by the colors of last night’s sunset, let the inspiration guide your project. Please share both a picture of your inspiration (if able) as well as what you were inspired to create.

February Prompt
Be inspired by love:
We surround ourselves with the things we love and show our love by creating beautiful crafts for the people we love. Quilt something using a fabric or pattern you love, or quilt something for someone you love. Let your love guide you in the creation of something beautiful (lol, so cheesy, I know :laughing:).

March Prompt
Organization BINGO:

Now, I know some of you may have already done some cleaning/organizing this year. So, you can use previous work to cover up to three squares so long as the work was done sometime this year. You can call BINGO multiple times (up to 12) and will receive 1 ticket to the prize drawing for each BINGO. When claiming a BINGO, please share a picture of at least one of your five completed BINGO squares if possible (ie. show us your beautifully sorted scraps or the quilted basket you made for storage).

Be sure to call out all your BINGOs and most importantly, please keep track of your BINGO tally. I’ll ask for your totals at the end of the month and that is how I will know how many tickets to credit everybody.

April Prompt
Start a new project:
With so many new projects being added to to-do lists, what better time to start a new project than now? We want to see your newest project as you bring it to life! Post a picture of your first quilt block, or even just all the fabric you’ve cut for your latest venture. Stop procrastinating and start creating, we can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

May Prompt
Repeat of April - Start a new project:
With so many new projects being added to to-do lists, what better time to start a new project than now? We want to see your newest project as you bring it to life! Post a picture of your first quilt block, or even just all the fabric you’ve cut for your latest venture. Stop procrastinating and start creating, we can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

June Prompt
Create a quilt project using precuts:
Jelly rolls, layer cakes, honey buns, single scoops, double scoops…quilt something deliciously delightful using precut fabric!

July Prompt
Christmas in July:
Quilt something for Christmas! Whether it be a gift for yourself or someone else, get ahead of the game by quilting up some Christmas joy!

August Prompt
Get inspired!
Share pictures of your stash (fabric, patterns, notions - feel free to share it all!) along with some info on what you had planned for it!

September Prompt
Show and tell!
Share pictures of your favorite quilt project that you’ve worked on or are currently working on, as well as your least favorite project. If it’s a project that you’ve shared before, no worries, so long as it fits the prompt, it is an acceptable entry!

October Prompt
Be inspired by the season:
September 22nd marked the first day of fall, which means colorful changes all around us. Not only that, but with Halloween approaching, we get to enjoy fun Halloween-y colors, which seem to also be changing as fabric manufacturers are incorporating more non-traditional Halloween colors like pinks and teals. Let the colors and/or themes of the season inspire your next project.

November Prompt
Spend time quilting:
Spend a minimum of 3 hours working on a quilt project. Whether it’s 30 minutes here and there, or an entire day of quilting, so long as it adds up to a total of 3 hours, you’ll have completed this prompt!

December Prompt
Quilt something that brings you joy:
Whether your joy comes from the colors, the pattern, or the knowledge that a gift recipient will love what you made, quilt something that makes you feel joyous. Share a pic of your quilted goodness and let us know how it brought you joy :blush:.

September Scrap-a-thon

The rules are simple. Each entry must contain at least 50% scraps. You can
enter as many items as you’d like and just like with the prompts and challenges, each item
will receive 1, 2, or 3 entry tickets based on size.

Project Sizes
Small: Something that takes you less than 10 hours to sew and quilt. (1 ticket)
Medium: Something that takes you 10-20 hours to sew and quilt. (2 tickets)
Large: Something that takes you 20 or more hours to sew and quilt. (3 tickets)

When submitting an entry, please start your post in this fashion:

I, your name , offer your item for my small/medium/large (pick one) September Scrap-a-thon


Nine Patch Star Block - Nominated by @AudiobookLover
Mock-ups of alternate color/fabric placement

Screenshot 2022-01-05 170854
Woven Heart Block - Nominated by @marionberries

Screenshot 2022-01-26 093445
Royal Star Block - Nominated by @MistressJennie
Alternate No Flying Geese Version

Screenshot 2022-01-26 093445
Rocky Mountain Puzzle Block - Nominated by @Lynx

Screenshot 2022-04-05 170652
Butterfly Block - Nominated by @marionberries


Jacknife - Nominated by @AIMR
Alternate Traditionally Pieced Version

Cups & Saucers Block - Nominated by @Abbeeroad

Screenshot 2022-04-05 170652

Sunflower Block - Nominated by @marionberries


Folded Corners - nominated by @MistressJennie


Pumpkin block - suggested by @marionberries

Blazing Arrows - nominated by @Abbeeroad


Whirlwind/Double Pinwheel - suggested by @AIMR based on a vintage block shared by @mellybelly81


Welcome quilters to the 2022 Quiltalong! Things have remained mostly the same as the 2021 Quiltalong with the notable exception that you can now submit up to 3 “Personal Finishes” for raffle tickets each quarter. For more info, please take a look at the very first post in the Quiltalong.

We will continue to have monthly prompts, quarterly challenges, and the Block of the Month. Which leads us to this month’s block. I would like to nominate a Nine Patch Star block. It looks like a nice and easy enough block that is perfect for starting off the BOM (I had previously chosen a different block, but the more I looked into it, the more challenging it seemed, which wasn’t a bad thing, but I think it’s sometimes easier to dip a toe rather than dive straight in).

We need eleven more blocks for our BOM, so please feel free to share a block that you would like to add. I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with!


Yay! Thanks for hosting the Quiltalong again this year. I actually have a finish that I will share with you guys later today. I actually finished my Christmas table runner on December 31 but didn’t get around to posting it.
This year I plan to:

  • do more BOMs
  • Finish handquilting my hexagon EPP quilt (from the swaps in the old place)
  • Work on the projects that come with the quilting course from my LQS that I’m participating in
  • Make (another) denim quilt from old jeans for Mr Imma that he has promised to assist with :open_mouth:
  • Make a quilt for me! Using a honey bun I bought last year and some ideas that have been in my head for a while.
  • Finish a baby quilt that I should have finished a while ago…

Oh and by the way, I’m also going back to law school, renovate our home and work fulltime. So 0% chance I’ll get to finish all of those things, but who cares. After the renovation our home will have one bedroom, a crafting studio and a music studio for Mr Imma. Both our studios will have a bed in the corner for occasional visitors, but our house will mainly serve us and not people who visit here a few times a year.

For my room I’m thinking of a bed like the Ikea Hemnes or something in that style. When not used by visitors it will be a comfortable place for reading, stitching and relaxing and the quilt I’m making for me will go there. Mr. Imma’s quilt will go on the bed in his new studio.


@Immaculata you have a busy year planned! But it sounds great.

I’ve a couple of quilts planned. One is for my lovely cousin who lost her husband two months ago. I’m going to make her a quilt from his old shirts.

And there are another couple, friends of ours, who are turning 30, so I’m thinking they might like a quilt as a birthday present.


Thanks for setting this up and taking the reins for 2022!


I have a couple things in the planning stages, but I’m honestly not sure how far I’ll get with little Godzilla on the way. My mom decided I might be ‘bored’ while waiting for her to arrive in April, and so sent me two boxes of pre-cut fabrics. An assortment of charm packs, jelly rolls, fat quarters, and a few 1 yard chunks, mostly in kid prints and solids. Some of which match, and some of which don’t. To be honest, I’m overwhelmed by how much is there, since I try to keep my quilting fabric stash small. Also, none of it is stuff I would have picked on my own. :neutral_face:

I had already been searching for an interesting baby quilt pattern, and good fabrics to use for the little one. Since I’ve been waiting and trying for so long to have her, I want the quilt I make her to be really special. But with this pile of pre-cuts staring at me in my studio, and to try to ease some of my own anxiety about it, I started a Rail Fence quilt with one of the jelly rolls. I figured it could either be a spare quilt that lives in the car or with her stroller for when we’re out and about, or it could go to Quilts for Kids, a charity that takes quilts for seriously ill children in hospitals, who are not allowed to have things like stuffed animals with them. I picked on of the jelly rolls of zoo animal prints, and just started sewing. Sadly, I hate how it looks right now. There isn’t enough contrast in the fabrics, so it just kind of looks like a mono-chromatic mess.

But I did see an add for a quilt kit in Annie’s catalog that gave me an idea for how to alter the boring rail fence blocks into something more fun. I think I’m going to take some bubblegum pink and some bright lime green, and add triangle corners to the blocks, so that when they come together in the traditional basket-weave style layout, they’ll make secondary diamond patterns at the corners. This is the design that I got the idea from. They only put corners on one point on the blocks, but I’m going to try all 4 corners, kind of like making snow ball blocks.

Meanwhile, here are the quilt patterns I’m considering for baby Godzilla…

This Little Star Shower, which is a smaller baby-sized version of the same pattern she has a larger one of.

Thinking of making it with this honey bun of Kona brights:

Alternate quit idea is this one called Faceted by the same designer.

It is much bigger than a baby quilt, but I considered making all the blocks, then only using a portion of them to make the quilt, and using the rest for a matching pillow or tote bag or something.


Oh that star shower quilt!! I LOVE IT.


Welcome 2022!

I nominate this one for Feb

And my first plan for 2022 is to finish two lap quilts for our porch made from last year’s BOM and extras.

And then who knows?


You’re right about the finished blocks. I like the fabrics individually but together it doesn’t work. I’m not sure if I can picture your new idea in my head, but you have a good eye for this so I’m sure the new plan will work out.

I think it’s a great idea to maybe send one or more to Quilts for Kids, but you should absolutely prioritize your own special quilt. That’s the most important one. I’ve heard to many stories of crafty ladies who never finished the special items they wanted to make for their own babies. I do think donating quilts to charity is a good way to use fabrics that you may not love for yourself, but that will still result in beatiful quilts that will go to children who are going through a tough time, and it’s a really beautiful idea to share the gifts you got for your baby with those kids in need.


It’s a snow day here in TN, and for once, it’s actually snowing on a snow day. I’ve spent most of my time this week taking down, organizing, and putting away Christmas decorations, and working on emptying the guest room closet, which had become random household storage over the 6 years we lived here. (The guest room will become the nursery, and we want to work on it this month.) This led to me also tearing apart our bedroom closet and reorganizing that, so the clothes that had been in ‘overflow’ into the guest room closet could be added into ours. This resulted in 3 bags of clothing for Goodwill, and a rather tired Jennie.

So, I decided to give myself a snow day today too! I already did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, and even set up a batch of bison chili in the crockpot, so dinner is already done. DH is working from home, rather than driving into the office, and the pup is snuggled safely in her bed napping. I’ve told myself there are no other chores that must be done today, so I can spend all day playing in my studio, and hopefully do something with those zoo animal blocks. Here’s to giving yourself permission to be creative and have fun! :snowflake: :tea: :house: :thread:


P.S. @marionberries, I love that block pattern! @Abbeeroad made one for me in the Quilt Block Swap last year.

  1. Would adding a dark narrow, solid color sashing between blocks and as a frame help.
  2. Or cut the blocks into quarters (rip in half and then cut each 1/2 in half) and rearrange.
  3. All the vertical blocks are facing the same way and all the horizontal are facing the same way, Flip half of them 180 degrees and see what happens.
  4. Cut them diagonally (mix up which diagonal) and then mix them up and sew back together.
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Holy Moly, @Immaculata ! It sounds like you’re going to pack a lot into 2022! I’m curious to see what kind of pattern you come up with to use your honey bun. I had a mini honeybun that I wasn’t sure what to do with last year, so I just sewed the strips together and made 2 drawer liners. It was a simple project, but it felt so good to actually get it out of stash and turn it into something useful!

@edel, I’m looking forward to seeing the quilts you come up with. You and @mistressjennie always astonish me with how quickly your projects go from just started to fully complete. I feel like I would still be trying to figure out what pattern to use in the amount of time it takes you to finish a quilt. One of my goals for this year is to stop dragging my feet and to just get things done (lol, that’s actually pretty much my current life goal :laughing:).

@mistressjennie, that was very thoughtful of your mom to make sure you have enough material to not be bored, but unfortunate that none of it is your style. I love the idea of using up the fabric to make quilts for children in the hospital, but agree with @Immaculata that little Godzilla’s quilt should be prioritized. I like the idea you have of adding color to the corners of the rail fence quilt. I think that will work well to break up the design and make it more pleasing!

How do you plan on decorating the nursery? Do you have a certain color palette in mind?

BTW - you absolutely deserve a snow day, I hope you’re enjoying your creative time!


Thank you for the quilt block nomination! It has been added to the BOM!

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@MistressJennie I love that falling stars quilt. It’s so beautiful.

Firstly I give you permission to donate all (or most) that fabric to someone who might love it. Right now you’re doing the most important job in the world, growing a new person, you don’t need an obligation to work with things you don’t love, in addition.

But if you are going to use them, you could perhaps create contrast by outlining blocks (or sets of 4 blocks) with a black, or other really strong colour. It would add a strong over all design.


All awesome ideas guys! Thank you! But I had already started on my snowball corner idea. Here’s what it’s going to look like. With pink and lime diamonds at each corner.


That’s really nice. The pink really pops

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Nice solution, the pink and line are yummy, makes the greens pop.