Quiltalong - 2023

lol It has been in progress for a few years…I hand embroidered all the blocks but got stuck at the paper piecing one and the applique…


Look what I got with my prize and some Amazon rewards points!!

A slotted quilting ruler! It came with a six page instruction booklet that I really want to read NOW, but I must get some deadline tax stuff done first…argh…well, anyway, thanks, @AudiobookLover for getting me to push the “buy” button at last!


Great choice! I have a similar ruler and it is by far one of the best tools I own!


I am working on two art quilt squares for a group quilt. Scrappy versions! I love these and will post when I get them done. A Spirit Doll for an art show is taking up way too much time right now. The very special ones do. But they are a labor of love. Theme is Community of Earth. Rather broad so lot’s of options.


@marionberries, I enjoy your art quilt creations - the seagull mug rug instantly jumps to mind! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create!

I am working on outlining some appliquéd letters on a quilt. It is taking me for…ever and causing me both shoulder and wrist pain. I assume it’s from being hunched over and twisting the quilt this way and that as I stitch each letter - but that really doesn’t seem like it would hurt my wrist, so :woman_shrugging:. It’s probably a good thing it’s just a small wall quilt! This is my first time doing this kind of outline stitch and I like the effect it’s creating (I just wish it wasn’t taking me so long)!


I tendstowardschaos, offer 25 split star quilt squares for my small personal finish.

I tendstowardschaos, offer Star Wars and Scraps for my large personal finish.


I love those split stars…I need a few more blocks to finish a Wounded Warrior Quilt.

And your scrappy quilt is just incredible! I love the way you quilted it. The border really does quiet down the many colors of the scrappy interior.



The split stars are this year’s QOVF block drive pattern. I was just going to send them to the drive, but I found out that they prefer solids/mostly solids after I had purchased the fabric. So, I plan to turn it into a quilt and donate it, completed, to my local group.

I wanted the quilt to be fluffier than what I normally make, since it’s wool. It should end up being a good, Winter-weight quilt…just in time for Spring, lol.


@AudiobookLover the letters look wonderful. And they are a pain to stitch especially when wrestling a quilt

@tendstowardschaos that block is stunning. I live the fabrics. And that scrappy quilt looks so comfy.


I got waaaay behind on this thread, I haven’t participated this year but still look and read everything.

Foundation paper piecing is one of my favourite methods! The detail you can obtain in a quilt is unreal. I’ve made many, mostly for swaps but I kept pictures of them all.


I was frantically working on an art doll for an art showing thinking it was due at Friday noon. Then had a meeting every night this week! This morning I woke and realized that I was not at the very end of the month, but had a week to go! February always messes me up. I had just accepted that I wasn’t going to meet the Feb BOM deadline. Now that I am almost finished with the dol, I can do the block! Yay. I’ll post her as soon as I am done. I am asking a much higher price this time. I don’t really want to sell her.


I know I talked a little about the wool batting I used for my latest scrap quilt in its thread, but I wanted to report back in this thread.

I used Quilter’s Dream Wool batting. It’s a blend of superwash domestic and Merino wool and a small amount of polyester (honestly not sure how much, as it’s only used to bind the fibers together when melted). It’s loftier than the cotton batting that I have used. The package says to machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle and dry on cool. I washed it in cold water, regular cycle, tumble dried normally. The top and backing were pre-shrunk cotton, and the quilt did scrunch up just a tiny bit, but no more than a cotton batting would. The resulting quilt is soft, fluffy, and warm. I have another quilt to finish by mid-March that will also use wool batting. I had purchased a queen-sized package of batting for each quilt (since it was cheaper than a smaller package - US$36 + tax), so I will have enough batting leftover from the two for another small quilt. I would definitely used wool batting again, but just for personal use due to the extra care instruction.


I always get messed up in February as well…I was panicking about getting some tax work done and realized I had at least three more days in February as well as through March 15! I also have another weekend for crafting that I got messed up on, but YAY!!

@tendstowardschaos …thanks for the update on the wool batting.


Please share your pics, I would love to see your creations! Also, I was just looking at the quilt you made for your new grandson, you should share it here and submit it as a personal finish!

@tendstowardschaos, I really like your split stars, those fabrics create quite the visual pop! Thanks for sharing the info on the wool batting. I feel like the cotton batting I’ve been using just doesn’t give enough loft. I did try using some ‘Warm & Plush’ cotton batting in one of my quilts and it does seem to be more plush than regular cotton, but I still need to bind and label that quilt before I can pop it into the washer and dryer and get a better idea on the final loftiness.


I’ve not been active in this thread either, but I still love seeing everything you guys have made. My machine is in storage and I hate it!

I did take a handsewing/quilting project with me, an almost finished WIP that’s threatening to become a UFO… So maybe I should force myself to work on that this weekend. It’s only small, it will be a pillow case eventually, and the top is 90% done. I just haven’t been able to finish the last few extra fiddly blocks.

I participated in an at-home quilting course from a local quiltshop during Covid, and this was the first project. It was 8 parts in total, the first one came with a binder to store everything, there were sheets about different techniques, quilting history etc and every part came with a kit to try out different techniques. The kits contain enough material for a small, pillow case or wallhanging sized finished item. It’s all very informative, very useful, and I get why they started with a very traditional hand sewn project… but the fabrics don’t really appeal to me, so that’s why it’s been in the WIP-pile for a while.


These are my most recent fpp projects …


-I Cindy, offer Wyatt’s Quilt for my large personal finish


I love the scrappiness of the cat and that chameleon eye is so impressive! I definitely need to give this technique a try!


Both are very impressive, but I love that the cat is not only scrappy but also has a scrappy binding! And both animals have such detailed faces.


Cutting Corners block. The variations at the end were great! What a cool idea.