Quiltalong - 2023

Nice fabric picks! Do you already have a pattern chosen out?

Yes, it is called Jelly Roll Jam


That looks like a quick but cute make.


Quick and easy and fun, perfect.

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Very nice! I can’t wait to see it!

I am working on a quilted mug rug for the mug rug swap. I’m loving how it’s coming out and am thinking of making a larger version as a mini quilt. I hope to one day have enough small wall quilts to crate a quilted gallery wall!


I marionberries, submit this as my March BOM entry.

I’ve been playing with different color combos. I wanted to use the cream and dark red from a 1970s caftan. Yes, I ve carried this remnant from coast to coast.
Then added the others.

I followed the video tutorial because of the odd way she made the two color triangles. It worked perfectly. It’s an interesting design.


Scrappy stars quilt, super pretty.

Two quilt tops from one jelly roll…one to give as a gift at a baby shower, the other to have on hand…

Going to pin them up today and hopefully even get going on the quilting,( if I can decide on how I want to do it)…this is the hardest part of finishing the quilt for me…

Both quilts will have the same backing, but the larger quilt back will have to be pieced…I have some left over blocks that I hope will ensure that I do not need to buy anymore fabric! ha We’ll see…


Wow you just bought that fabric! Speedy!

I love them both!! I might need that jelly roll…

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HEY EV-ERY-BODY! It’s time to vote in the Spring Is In The Air Challenge! Get on over there before the poll closes on March 27, 2023!

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I, AIMR, offer Kindness Always baby quilt #1, as a personal large finish. It has been a while since I actually quilted a top, but, amazingly, no puckers and relatively straight rows… :roll_eyes:.

Decided to do the binding by hand, which is why it took so long…twice as long as doing the piecing, I would say! Starting from a jellyroll really got me kick started but, from there, it was a long haul. This is not the one that I am giving to my sister’s friend: I should have done that one first because my sister is picking it up April 5! I might do the binding on machine if I can’t get motivated by tomorrow…it could be an easy project to do while we are zooming tomorrow!

I had to add the insert because I ran out of backing fabric…

Close up of simple diagonal squares quilting:

Of course, I also have another WIP in the wings… :laughing:


These are both just lovely. Well done!